5 Easy & Fast Halloween Fun Crafts

It’s almost Halloween already! If you are like me than you haven’t spent a whole lot of time this year crafting for the holiday and you are starting to feel bad. Well the good news is, I have made a list of 5 easy and fast fun crafts to do with the kids!


                    You probably already have all of this stuff in your home so there is no reason not to get started right now!

The first easy craft is Spooky Eyes, all you will need is a toilet paper roll, scissors, and a glow stick. Just cut some eyes out of the middle of the roll and slip in the glow stick. Place in the walkway to really freak out the kids on Halloween.


The next craft is Can Monsters , all you need for this one is a can, some paint,construction paper, glue, and whatever else strikes your fancy. We made a Frankenstein type can monster.


Silly Spiders This one is so easy to change so if you don’t have all the items listed, use what you have!  All you need  is some tissue paper, a marker, pipe cleaners, and glue.


Stuffed Pumpkin This one is really fun for the littler kids. Stuff a paper bag full of newspaper and wrap an orange piece of tissue paper around it. Tie the top and add leaves. Draw a face on and you’re done.


Scary Tree This last one is also using a paper bag . Trim lines horizontally halfway down the middle of the bag. Fray them out and twist the base. Tie a knot around the “trunk” to hold in place.  Add bats and whatever else you want to your tree.

I hope you enjoyed these last minute easy to do crafts for Halloween. These are fun and quick way to get some crafting in for the holiday’s when they creep up on you.

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