Bad Parenting is Everyone’s Problem

Ever since my daughter was big enough to socialize, I have always paid close attention to her interactions with others. I feel very strongly about letting kids be kids and not exposing them to adult content until they are adults.

Unfortunately, the world we live in does not agree with me and this has proven to be the most difficult part of my job as a parent.

I am constantly reminded of how different my views are whenever I meet other parents and I see that bad parenting is not due to social class, race, or religion. It is a choice people make and some parents choose to use an excuse that they are going to learn it anyway because their friends know.

I am always surprised to hear the jokes these kids they tell, the songs they sing, or movies they quote.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with giving this information to your child if you feel they are ready but you need to be the one to do it, not a movie!

Just because you had “the talk” with your kids doesn’t mean that they have a proper understanding of adult situations and topics.

Most of these kids couldn’t even cross a hallway with a pair of scissors without injuring themselves but yet they are exposed to adult content on a daily basis.

They are still kids but now they are armed with the lethal combination of exciting new information but with a child’s mind that just can’t understand how to process it yet.

Parents are really leaving a gap in their kids learning and doing them a great disservice by letting the media educate them.

If you are going to let you children know all there is to know about being an adult then you need to let them know everything! Don’t leave out the parts that you don’t want to talk about because it gets uncomfortable. If you have exposed your child to these situations, you have to explain them.

bad parenting

They are hearing and seeing adult content in your home and you are responsible for giving them that information. Some of the most common examples of Bad Parenting are:

  • When you watch television like soaps or talk shows in the living room even though they can hear.
  • When you talk on the phone with a friend while not paying any attention to your child and they can hear what you are saying. It makes it worse that they are only hearing half of this conversation but they are picking up the worst parts and are now more confused than ever.
  • Taking your child to a movie that they should not be seeing just because you can’t get a babysitter.
  • You let them watch adult movies and you think the jokes will go over their head because they couldn’t possibly understand them so it doesn’t matter.
  • You let them have internet access without monitoring or restricting what they can see.

When you became a parent you took on the responsibility to raise a child until they are 18. You can’t just check out when you feel like it for your convenience. Nobody said this was easy and they really do pick up more from those movies, shows, and conversations than you think.

Your child is supposed to grow up to be a productive member of our society and without proper guidance from their parents they don’t stand a chance in the real world.

Do you let your children watch adult movies, listen to any music they want, or freely use the internet? What are your thoughts on Bad Parenting?




  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Kids seriously do pick up on EVERYTHING. Even when you think they are not listening – they are.

  2. Jacqui Odell says:

    I agree with a lot of these! We always wait to watch adult stuff until they go to bed.

  3. Kids have very active ears and imaginations that can be fed by everything around them!

  4. I absolutely agree! Parenting is so important. We’re raising the next generation of adults!

  5. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Parenting is everyone’s problem because that’s the next generation and we don’t want a bunch of rude people being rared. I agree with your points, I do none of them with my son.

  6. I think so many parents just don’t care enough to discipline their kids (or themselves) when it comes to bad language. It’s like a do as I say not as I do. It doesn’t work that way! My kids are older now, but they weren’t allowed to watch adult television.

  7. Tonya C says:

    You’re right about kids picking up everything. Even when you think they can’t hear, they do!

  8. They’re just so absorbent at those ages. It’s even more difficult to control these things with how easy it is to get on the internet.

  9. I think children need to be carefully monitored. If they aren’t, it’s bad parenting. Also allowing your children to be exposed to certain things like adult conversations and movies is bad parenting.

  10. Yes. So many parents I know personally just don’t care. It’s a shame, and its a big problem. Kids are so smart, perceptive and always know more than we think! They see all and hear all!

  11. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    Yep there’s a lot of bad parents out there but who am I to judge? We can shield our kids from stuff they shouldn’t be watching but when they are at school who knows what they hear and see.

    • Exactly. If there were more good parents out there actually “parenting” we wouldn’t have to worry about what they are hearing at school and friends houses.

  12. michele+d says:

    There are many cases people shouldn’t be parents. I don’t look at them different because maybe that’s all they know. Kids are so free to do whatever these days and it’s the parents doing that allows them.

  13. I think music is another big one, too! I hear toddlers singing rap songs with vulgar language and my jaw just drops! They really do pick up on everything so it’s really important to pay close attention and monitor what they’re watching/listening to.

  14. I so agree with you – I really watched what my son was doing – checking on him and his activities, I was a Mom and guide – so it seems he has grown up a really confident and nice person! Well he is my son after all! lol

  15. My toddler is already repeating things from TV and what we say. I have to watch ourselves now around him! LOL

  16. My daughter is 9 and I do not allow her to watch or listen to anything but kids shows and music. I am a little more strict than most, I think. lol

  17. Totally agree with you! My son told me a couple of weeks that his classmate got in trouble because he said a bad word to one of their classmates. Parenting is not easy, even though we teach our kids the right way, they will definitley learn fromthe outside world.

  18. It is amazing how much children really do pick up on bad language, references and habits from the media and entertainment. And, even when they are only exposed to ‘kids’ shows – wow, those have even become really ‘adult’ in nature. I am constantly amazed at some of the subjects touched upon in shows geared towards younger viewers.

  19. I feel like i’m a realistic parent, I monitor what my children watch but let them know whatever they are seeing is adult content and that just because its done on TV doesn’t mean its meant to be done in real life. I explain sometimes its for entertainment and that its meant to make you laugh or simply entertain your time. But honestly kids shows these days are kids shows, they are young adult and sometimes I feel like if me and my kids adventure away from nick jr or disney jr, we are left feeling sorry for it.

  20. Jacqueline says:

    My parents watched General Hospital every weekday in front of me my whole life. (I still watch it!) I was always around grownups and adult situations, but not sure I would call that bad parenting, more like careless parenting. Bad parenting depends on, I guess, each family’s decisions about what’s important to them, but totally hear you on the overall point!

  21. Kids pick up everything even if you think they don’t. We all have to be responsible about what we let them see and watch.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I was lucky when my kids were younger the internet and cell phones were not really big yet. I agree kids are exposed to way to much to early. I have friends with young kids now and it is a struggle for them.

  23. These are really grey tips. I don’t currently have any children, but it is important to know how much kids really pay attention to and you may not even realize.

  24. I’m not a parent but I do think that kids should watch age appropriate stuff and I do judge when I see a parent at at the moves with a child who is too young to watch an “adult” movie.

  25. My oldest is only 2.5, but I feel very strongly about kids not watching adult content or listening to adult music. My husband has become so desensitized to it that I often have to point out that what he’s listening/watching isn’t kid appropriate, which drives me nuts. Unfortunately other kids still bring the content to school. He comes home from daycare talking about movies that another 2/3 year old had no business watching.

    • Isn’t that a shame that the little ones are seeing this stuff so early on? It’s making it hard on all of us that actually put in the time and effort to let our kids be kids!

  26. Thank you!! Love love this!! I am always amazed and kind of dumbfounded as to what many parents let their kids see and view. Some will try and say well they are going to see it anyway, but you know what, as long as I can I am going to protect my kids, I am going to teach them and help them understand so when they see and hear things they are mentally and emotionally more ready.

    • Wow Emmy, It’s refreshing to hear from someone who feels the same way. I have not met many parents that have shared my feelings on this, everyone hides behind the excuse, they are going to hear it anyway! Thanks for featuring my post and for your kind words!

  27. The one point i agree the most with is if you expose them to adult content then you need to explain it. My daughter has watched episodes of castle or rizzoli & isles that were pre-watched for excessive violence with me and i have used those opportunities as teachable moments to help illustrate the points of actions and consequences. Sometimes the point is missed but others it really hits home. I also believe exposing her to different female role models is important as well.

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