Tips for Creating a Healthy Bedtime Routine

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When I was a kid, bedtime was the worst time of the day and I did everything I could to avoid it. Now that I am thirtysomething, I can’t wait to get to bed at night but much like myself as a kid, my daughter wastes as much time as possible putting off her bedtime!

Thankfully I have found a system that works for our family and ever since we started implementing the new bedtime routine, we all sleep better at night.

Bedtime Routine tips and tricks

The best way to develop a healthy habit is to do it the same over and over again until it becomes natural to you. I think this is especially true for kids.

If the weather is nice enough take advantage and go for a walk after dinner. A little fresh air and some light exercise will make winding down a lot easier.

Taking a bath before bed is another great way to tell the body it is time to wind down and get the kids into a relaxing state of mind.

Bedtime Routine Tips for Kids

Make sure they use the bathroom, take their vitamins and brush their teeth before heading out of the bathroom, getting all of these tasks done with one trip to the bathroom will prevent forgetting important steps in their bedtime routine. Make sure they aren’t eating sugar filled candy vitamins before bed, this is only going to give them an unnecessary spike in blood sugar.

Bedtime Routine

Finding a vitamin that has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors & colors, sweeteners, gelatin, and gluten free was impossible until I found Zarbee’s Naturals Kid’s Multivitamins. They are formulated with 11 essential vitamins like A,C and B12 while only being sweetened with honey. Made with fruit pectin and natural flavors and available for toddlers 2+ and Children’s 4+.

I found them in the vitamin aisle at Walmart, they are new but pretty easy to find by the other brands I used to purchase.

Tips for a Healthy Bedtime

Tips for Healthy Bedtime Routine

 Right before hopping into bed have your child grab a bottle of water to keep on their nightstand incase they get thirsty throughout the night and a book to read.

Healthy Bedtime Routine

My daughter reads for about 20 minutes each night before bed, it helps her fall asleep. We started this tradition when she was little by reading to her each night but for the last couple of years we just let her read to herself. This step has been a little bit of a struggle because she never wants to put the book down but we picked up a timer and set it right by her bed so that she knows when her time is up! We even created an incentive for more reading minutes by letting her have more time if she does other chores around the house.

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For an easy reminder, print this Bedtime Routine and display it so your kids have no excuses for forgetting these important steps! It fits nicely in a 8 x 10 frame, we display it right on the bathroom counter and mark off the steps that are done with a dry erase marker.

Bedtime Routine Printable

Get your coupon by clicking here  and be sure to check out Zarbee’s Naturals online by clicking here. What are your tips and tricks for a good bedtime routine and a restful night’s sleep for everyone in your home?


  1. I think that establishing a bedtime routine for you kids is an important thing. This helps them to mentally start settling down and it allows you the parent to have to me time.

  2. These are great tips. It feels like forever since our girls were young enough to worry about it, but bedtime was always an issue.

  3. Bedtime routines are an absolute must! If you give your kids an inch, they’ll take a mile. And they won’t brush their teeth along the way! >:( LOL

  4. We have a routine every night too. My son says his prayers and brushes his teeth and then we read him a story that he’s able to read a book for about 45 minutes. It works wonderful and he falls asleep right away.

  5. A healthy bedtime routine is so important for kids. My son really liked adhering to routines. It was harder with my daughter but she did better with routines than without.

  6. Isn’t bedtime the best?? A good routine for bedtime is so important for kids, love this printable to help them out!

  7. Jeanine says:

    Bedtime has been such a nightmare in our house lately but one thing we make sure is always on track is our bedtime routines. They are SO important!

  8. A bedtime routine is so important for kids. We always give the kids a bath, story time and cuddling before bed. It really helps to get everyone to wind down before bedtime.

  9. Looks like some great healthy bedtime tips for kids, love this so much! I like the idea of reading before bed.

  10. Bedtime is not easy in our household, but we have manage to get a bedtime routine together similar to yours. Thankfully, it has helped a ton. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and tricks. {client}

  11. This sounds like a great routine. I like the idea of taking a walk after dinner! Those multivitamins will be great for kids.

  12. Kids are all about routines and having a bedtime routine is important especially during the summer when they don’t really have school to think of. This sounds like an awesome and effective routine for kids!

  13. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great tips for a great bedtime routine for kids. I love the idea of doing all necessities before leaving the bathroom so they don’t forget to do anything. Zarbees Naturals sound like great multi-vitamins for the kid and I will have to share this with my sister along with my nieces. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  14. Great tips. especially for kids who love to stay up late. 🙂

  15. Zarbees is my go-to brand when it comes to vitamins for my son. Thanks for sharing the awesome coupon, it’ll help out a ton.

  16. These look like yummy multivitamins for kids!! I will definitely tell my mommy friends about them!!

  17. Great post…I especially like the walk after dinner…unwinding is always tough , but walking is always good for an old timer like me.

  18. Bella B says:

    Such a great post! Bed time routines really are so important and teaching kids how to do them from a young age is super important!

  19. A good routine definitely makes bedtime easier. And this is the second time today I’ve seen these vitamins, I’m definitely going to have to check them out.

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