Blue Apron Brings Exciting Recipes to Your Door

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Somedays are harder than others to get dinner on the table and sometimes we settle for a not so desirable option. Now that I have tried Blue Apron’s original weekly recipes I know my family will enjoy delicious meals with fresh ingredients created by a culinary team & renowned guest chefs.

Blue Apron Gourmet Food Delivery

I love how easy it is to offer my family a variety of meals that we never would have tried if it wasn’t for this delivery service. The specialty ingredients are fresher than the supermarket and I don’t even have to make a trip to the store!

When my package arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging since I’m not always home waiting for my delivery, it gives me peace of mind to know my ingredients arrived in a refrigerated box. When I opened the package and was ready to start cooking, I was even more impressed with the details.

They thought of everything! 

Blue Apron Food Delivery

The first recipe I made called for ingredients like butter and sour cream so I assumed these were ingredients I would need to have on hand to make the recipe. I was wrong, they even thought of that!

Blue Apron Gourmet Cooking at Home

The bag labeled Knick Knacks had all of the extras I needed to make the Lemon-Butter Salmon with Creamy Barley & Zucchini Salad, I really didn’t need to have any food in the house to serve up this meal to my family, everything was in the package.

Blue Apron Gourmet Meal

The instructions guided me through the recipe and made it super easy for me to feel like a gourmet chef. I just followed the steps and created culinary excellence with ease.

Blue Apron Delivery Gourmet Meals

I was cooking salmon fillets and barley, two foods I have never tried to make in the past. I was worried that I would mess it up but it seems impossible with Blue Apron’s step by step instructions, it was so easy to make.

Blue Apron Gourmet Food Delivery

I enjoyed using all of the aromatic ingredients in this dish, it really made my home smell amazing and it tasted better than any restaurant I have been to for this type of meal.

The next meal I tried was the Muffuletta-Style Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Baby Romaine & Pistachio Salad. I never thought to make a grilled cheese this way but I will always use sourdough bread from now on, this was fantastic!

Blue Apron Gourmet Meals

I loved that the pistachios were already shelled and ready to enjoy along with all of the other fresh ingredients for this tasty meal. This is a sandwich to be proud of because not only was it full of flavor but it looked beautiful after I plated it, I couldn’t wait to snap a picture so I could try it out!

The next meal I so proudly whipped up in the kitchen was this Chicken Piccata with Fusilli Pasta & Garlic Chives.

Enjoy Gourmet Food with Blue Apron

I really enjoyed the capers, demi-glace, and the lemon flavors in this dish. Once again my home was smelling like gourmet food and I couldn’t wait to serve this dish to my family.

I can feel good about serving Blue Apron to my family because the meats are naturally raised on antibiotic- and hormone-free diets, the meals are 500-800 calories per serving, and the recipes never repeated in the same year so they will never get bored with the selection.

Have you tried Blue Apron yet? This is the perfect time because by using this code, “3 meals free” you will get $30 off your first purchase. Head over to their website by clicking here and tell me what meals you would like to try.


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