Have you tried Capriotti’s yet?

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After living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a couple of years now, we have figured out the best places to eat in the area and our favorite sandwich shop is Capriotti’s.



Capriotti’s is known for their signature sub The Bobbie┬«, it’s their best seller and if you haven’t been to Capriotti’s yet, this will make you want to head there right now.The Bobbie┬« is a sub made with homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo. It’s like the day after Thanksgiving anytime of the year. Brilliant!


My husband loves spicy foods and Capriotti’s makes his favorite sandwich topped with the perfect amount of hot peppers and cheese. He has tried a few others from the menu and loved them but his favorite has to be the Cheese Steak.



This sandwich is made with premium meat that is grilled to perfection and topped with a delicious melted cheese. You can spice it up like my husband by adding some hot peppers or skip the spice and just add mushrooms and onions. He loves his sandwich best served with a bag of chips like Nacho Cheese Doritos.



My daughter’s favorite sandwich of all time is the Chicken Cheese Steak at Capriotti’s. It’s loaded with premium grilled chicken and topped with melted provolone cheese. She likes to add mayonnaise and nothing else but you can add mushrooms, onions, and hot peppers to this tasty sub.

I have always been the kind of person to add anything and everything to my sandwiches, the more the merrier!

When my family first discovered Capriotti’s, we thought it was a local sandwich shop that was only in Cedar Rapids. After visiting a few times I began reading the signage displayed inside the restaurant and learned a little more about the history of our favorite sandwich shop.

I was surprised to learn that the first Capriotti’s was actually opened in Delaware, which is close to where I grew up in New Jersey. I have family in Delaware and we have eaten there many times but somehow never came across a Capriotti’s before moving to Cedar Rapids. We have a lot of time to make up for and Capriotti’s has a large menu full of subs that sound delicious, and we can’t wait to try them all.

Have you been to Capriotti’s yet? What is your favorite item on the menu?

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