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At 10 years old my daughter is at a point in life where she is deciding what type of person she is and who she wants to surround herself with. Even though I try to have an open mind each time, I am not a fan of most of her friends and influences at school, it seems that nobody is good enough for my daughter. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only parent that cares and more often than not I {Read More}

Get Joy Back to the Console Printable Game

My family seen Inside Out in the theater and have been counting the days until it was available for purchase. Once I found out it was available for purchase at Walmart, I rushed to the store so we could watch again and again.

We even picked up fun Inside Out toys and created an Inside Out printable game called Get Joy Back to the Consol

Half Price Toy Sale

  With Springtime rapidly approaching we will be seeing green everywhere. I love to see green during the Spring, green grass and green leaves forming on the trees are always a good sign for me. When my Spring flowers start to bloom it puts a smile on my face and one green thing I love to see and save as much as I can is money. When purchasing toys for the little ones a Half Price Toy Sale is definitely the {Read More}

Natural History Museum Iowa City

Since moving to Iowa in 2013 we have tried to explore all of the events, restaurants, museums, and parks this beautiful state has to offer. Growing up on the East Coast, I never expected the Midwest to have so many activities. I always have heard about the “country” being boring but being a “city” kid myself, I must say there is a bunch of things to do and see, especially here in Iowa. I plan on seeing everything and posting {Read More}

Free Treasure Hunt for the Whole Family

Have you ever heard of Geocaching? It’s a fun adventure that anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy. If you have a smart phone or a GPS then you are ready to go on an adventure to find a Geocache in your area today. Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt that is happening all over the world right now. All you need to do is either download the app on your smart phone or punch in the coordinates to {Read More}

A Trip to the Old Capitol Museum

This past weekend my family and I decided to spend the day in Iowa City and visit the Old Capitol Museum. Since moving here about 2 years ago, we have driven through Iowa City many times but we have never explored the area. Even though there was still snow on the ground, the weather was in the 50’s and we were happy to be out of the house and on A Trip to the Old Capitol Museum. We parked in {Read More}

How to Raise a Bookworm

Some of us are naturally inclined to have our noses buried in a book and then some of us would rather do almost anything else. An important role in becoming a life long bookworm is to develop a love for reading as a child. Start early on in life and read to your kids when they are too young to even understand. I began reading to my daughter almost immediately upon bringing her home. You can always find time to {Read More}

9 Cold Weather Family Activities

During the Winter months it is a little harder to find things to do when it seems that there is nothing to do. My family spends a lot of time outside during the Summer so we don’t have to plan our activities when it is warm outside but we are normally at a loss for fun things to do during the Winter. That’s why I created this inspirational list of 9 Cold Weather Family Activities.    Sledding If you can’t {Read More}

Potty Training Tips & Printable

  Potty training can be a stressful time in a parents life due to the unnecessary pressure to have our children grow up so fast. It seems that every milestone is accompanied by someone asking about how old they were when they accomplished this or how their children had done it first. With these potty training tips & printable I hope to make this experience an enjoyable and rewarding time for you and your child. Don’t let the pressure get {Read More}

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas One of the most important things to remember when purchasing gifts for a baby shower is that new parents are overwhelmed with cute and adorable keepsakes but their are tons of products that they will actually need. Don’t buy them something to hang on the wall, purchase them something that will be used everyday and give them the gift that will keep on giving. Every time they use the items they will think of you {Read More}