Overnight Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

I have received this item for the purposes of making this Overnight Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe and sharing my honest experiences with you. All opinions are my own. My family has always loved oatmeal but I have never thought about making it myself. I usually buy the instant kind from our local grocery store and pop it into the microwave. Now that I know how easy it is to make and how delicious homemade oatmeal can taste, I will {Read More}

Simplify Your Kitchen Cabinet Organization

 I received this product to help simplify my kitchen cabinet organization. All opinions are my own. I love nothing more than a clean and organized kitchen but that doesn’t mean that this is always the case in my house. I wish I could live in the alternate Martha Stewart Universe where everything is perfect and matches all of my decor. That just isn’t attainable for the average mom so finding an easy way to simplify my kitchen cabinet organization was at {Read More}

Low in Calorie & Low In Sugar Protein Foods

I received these Premier Protein Foods to try out and talk about my experiences with the products. All opinions are my own.  After a recent hospital stay where I was in the hospital for 50 days my doctors recommended I consume more protein to reap the health benefits and try to build the muscle I had lost while laying the hospital bed for so long. I immediately began searching for products to try out and quickly found out that most {Read More}

DIY Soy Candles Kit

I received a DIY Soy Candle Kit for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own. I have always loved candles and it amazes me that it has taken me this long to explore the art of making them at home. I never knew what to buy or how to go about making my own candles but thanks to Labor of Love Co. I was able to make my own soy candles with their DIY Soy Candle Kit. When {Read More}

Effortless Housekeeping with Mean Green

I am excited to partner with Mean Green to not only tell you about their products and how they will help make your housekeeping effortless but let you try them out for yourself by giving away a prize pack. When I was asked to be a Mean Green Ambassador, I was eager to try out their products and share my results. I even got a cool badge to post on my site so everyone knows how much I am enjoying these {Read More}

BYOU Magazine Inspires & Empowers Girls

At 10 years old my daughter is at a point in life where she is deciding what type of person she is and who she wants to surround herself with. Even though I try to have an open mind each time, I am not a fan of most of her friends and influences at school, it seems that nobody is good enough for my daughter. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only parent that cares and more often than not I {Read More}

Breakfast Ideas for On the Go

Sometimes getting motivated in the morning is a little hard for me, I have always been at my best during the night which means I am at my worst in the morning. Getting everyone ready to go in the morning can be a struggle sometimes and it’s especially hard to find easy breakfast ideas that will satisfy everyone.

Surprise Candles are the New Potpourri

I love the smell of potpourri but it just doesn’t last long, it makes a mess, and most importantly my beagle puppy eats it. So I have been looking for a replacement that would fill my home with all of the season’s best scents and make my home smell wonderful again. When I heard about Royal Tea Candles, I reached out to them to try out some candles because I have always been curious about surprise candles and wanted to {Read More}

So Comfortable You Could Sleep Anywhere

This is a sponsored post for Richard Leeds International organized by Southern Mom Loves. Everyone knows that it is important to get a good nights sleep in order to feel your best everyday and that is especially important during the holidays when there is so much on our minds. Some nights I lay awake making a mental list of all of the things that need to be done before visitors come. Then there are other factors that keep me awake {Read More}

Kinivo Bluetooth Headphones Review

I think one of my favorite advances in technology that I have seen in my lifetime has to be the ability to get any song I want without having to head to the store or dig through a bunch of cd’s. I also love being able to listen to pod casts, news clips, radio shows, and even stand up comedians anytime I want using bluetooth and my phone. Most of the stuff I enjoy listening to is extremely inappropriate and {Read More}