Valentine’s Ideas for Him & Her

If you are looking for Valentine’s idea’s for him & her, look no further, this list has something for everyone. Skip the same old boring flowers and teddy bear predictable gifts and pick up something memorable this year. The best kinds of gifts are the ones that we can use everyday. I’m not talking about a boring practical gift but a fun gift that can be used instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust until next Valentine’s Day. So {Read More}

Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start prepping for this special occasion and plan what events you want to take place. Whether you are spending the evening alone, with friends, or that special someone, watching a romantic movie is always a fun Valentine’s Day activity.   Trying to find out which movies are actually romantic and not falsely advertised as such can be quite the task. It’s such a disappointment to prepare {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Craft

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I haven’t posted any crafts or decorated my home yet. I was feeling the pressure today and decided to post a Valentine’s Day Craft that everyone can do especially if they are as far behind as I am. If you are looking for a challenging craft that requires lots of supplies and takes days to make, this is not it! This is a fun and easy Valentine’s Day Craft and the only supplies needed are {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t have your gifts picked out just yet, you have come to the right place. Here are some of my picks for the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2015. For the Woman in Your Life   Keep it simple unless otherwise directed! I personally don’t want my husband to spend a ton of money on this holiday because it has never had a special meaning to us or our relationship. Now if you {Read More}