Easter Craft Thanks to Poise Free Samples

Easter is always a fun time at my home and I love capturing these memories by taking photos and instead of letting them sit in a drawer, I like to make the photos into crafts. Thanks to Poise Free Samples I am able to make an Easter Craft with my bulky old period pads that are no longer needed for my LBL. I was able to try out poise to help with a common problem a lot of women deal {Read More}

Easy Personalized Magnet Craft

My daughter and I enjoy creating fun things that can be used over and over again. Crafting is a great way to spend time with the kids and enjoy being creative together. My favorite kind of crafting is when our creations can be used throughout the year and aren’t just specific to the holiday we are currently celebrating. This Easy Personalized Magnet Craft is a lot of fun and you will be creating a craft that can be used to {Read More}

Get Crafty & Save Money

  These great deals are for a limited time only, check them out and see the savings for yourself. Today’s deals are all about getting crafty and Crayola has all the products you need for a great price! The Crayola Spin Art Maker lets you make your own swirly art by simply squeezing paint into the spinning picture. It comes with 3 paint bottles and 3 white Crayola crayons. The List price is $14.99 but you will get it for {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Craft

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I haven’t posted any crafts or decorated my home yet. I was feeling the pressure today and decided to post a Valentine’s Day Craft that everyone can do especially if they are as far behind as I am. If you are looking for a challenging craft that requires lots of supplies and takes days to make, this is not it! This is a fun and easy Valentine’s Day Craft and the only supplies needed are {Read More}

Fun & Easy Ring Tutorial

My daughter and I love to make cute bracelets, necklaces, and any kind of jewelry we can figure out how to make. One piece of jewelry we have recently tinkered with is making rings. We figured out a fun and easy way to make a ring using limited supplies. Check it out! We started out with some really sparkly beads,  a spool of very bendy thin wire, and a hot glue gun. You could use any size wire that you {Read More}