Is Year Round Heartworm Prevention a Scam?

I have had dogs since I was a little kid and I have always wanted to take the best care of them that I possibly could. I have always taken my dogs for routine check ups and read up on the latest information I could find regarding their health and wellness. I believe a preventative is the best way to protect your dog from heartworms but I can’t help but wonder Is Year Round Heartworm Prevention a Scam?   While {Read More}

Crate Training a Puppy

  Getting a new puppy is a fun experience but it sure is a lot of work. If you are thinking about getting a new puppy this is a great time to start reading up on ways to make sure this experience is a happy one. Without the right information adding a new puppy into your normal routine can create an unsafe environment for everyone including the new pup. Crate training a puppy is a very important task that requires {Read More}

Is Your Child Ready for a Puppy?

Having a pet to take care of can help teach a child responsibility and help develop lots of other great life lessons but it is also a lot of work! So before you bring a puppy home you need to find out, Is your child ready for a puppy? Sure puppies are cute but they are a ton of work, trust me I know. The dog pictured is my new puppy Brojo. He has kept me quite busy and I {Read More}

Dealing With Euthanasia

As a vet tech at animal hospital for three years, I seen a lot of euthanasia. Unfortunately some times the dogs and cats euthanized were healthy due to the staff not wanting the burden of finding a rescue or home for the animal. The clinic I worked at worked closely with Animal Control and most animals were given a 5 or 7 day hold which meant if nobody claimed them within that time they could euthanize. So they did more {Read More}

Dealing With the Loss of a Pet

This is Sparky, a shepherd beagle mix who will go down in history as one of the sweetest most lovable dogs ever. One year after this picture was taken Sparky died of cancer after a couple months of being sick. I tried everything to save him and thankfully I worked as a vet tech at the time and had access to reasonably priced treatment options. I understand after going through that experience that when it’s their time to go no {Read More}