Easy Smoothie Recipe

I am always telling my family that they need to eat more fruits and vegetables but unless I figure out a way for them to consume them easily it will never happen. I have recently been introduced to a great new product that makes this easy to do, for any family. Especially busy families that don’t have time to prepare exotic meals and wash a ton of dishes. Great for on the go nutrition and it has inspired my new {Read More}

Juicing Cleanse

I have Ulcerative Colitis and am currently coming out of a pretty bad flare up that caused me severe pain. I decided to try a Juice Fast, where all I will consume is real,pure,fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with water. I was hoping this would allow my digestive system to heal up while giving my body the nutrition it has been lacking during this flare. At first it went very smooth. I woke up and juiced my meal and {Read More}

Clean Green Drink

  Whenever I think about juicing the first thing that comes to mind is the quintessential Green Juice. Everyone that is on a juicing cleanse has come up with their own green juice and now I have mine. I call it the Clean Green Drink. The reason for the name is because all of the ingredients come together to not only add tons of nutrients but these power foods will help clean out my body with their detoxifying properties. Kale {Read More}

Heavenly Red Devil Juice

  I am an honest person and would not give out bad information even if it makes me look good so I am going to be completely honest. There is a reason for the title I gave this drink, Heavenly Red Devil Juice. This juice takes a little getting used to. It is not a fruity mixture that delightfully caresses your taste buds like I wish it was. In reality it is a little bitter and at first will have {Read More}

Orange You Glad Juice

It seems that whenever I am on a juicing cleanse I start out strong but quickly miss chewing my food! So this time I decided to try a bunch of different recipes to keep me satiated and not bore me out of the cleanse. This juice is one of my favorites that’s why I titled it,Orange You Glad JuiceĀ because you will be glad that you tried it! Juicing is a great way to let your bodies digestive system heal and {Read More}

Pineapple Candy Drink

I have made my pineapple candy drinks tons of times for myself and my husband. Every time he drinks it the first thing he says after chugging down his entire glass is, ” It tastes just like candy”. So that’s where the name of this drink came from. It has graduated from the name it was formally known as “Pineapple Mango & Orange Drink “. I think the name Pineapple Candy Drink sounds more appealing. It really is delicious and {Read More}

Green Drink Recipe

We could all use a little extra fruit and vegetables in our diets but like most things, it’s always easier said than done. I can buy all of the ingredients I need to live a healthy lifestyle but it seems I end up throwing most of it in the garbage at the end of the week. So I decided to experiment a little with these healthy ingredients before they expire in my fridge and make a healthy green drink recipe. {Read More}