Christmas Greetings Inspiration for Envelopes & Cards


It’s time to send out those Christmas Greetings and instead of sending a generic card to your loved ones, Minted has you covered with personalized cards that your recipients will want to keep all year long.

Jazz up the envelopes with free recipient addressing from Minted or use some of these ideas for inspiration to make your Christmas Greetings stand out!


Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

I love the Christmas season and enjoy decorating my home but I don’t stop there, I try to add a festive touch to everything during my favorite holiday season.

I started by ordering my Christmas Cards from Minted and when they arrived, I got to work decorating the envelopes with my own personal touch.

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

I wasn’t quite sure about a few addresses on my list of Christmas Greetings recipients so I just ordered my cards and decided not to take advantage of the free recipient addressing. I hope to be more prepared next year because I love the beautfiul lettering and holiday flare that their cards have to offer but for now I decided to add a few touches of my own.

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

A simple way to add a touch to your Christmas cards is to outline the address to make it look like a gift tag. This is super simple to do and fun to add your own personal style, using green and red really adds a nice holiday pop of color!

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

On another card I decided to draw Elf Feet because I am not able to draw a perfect elf so this is a great way to add the same look without spending the day perfecting your elf.

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

I used the back of the envelope to let my seasons greetings recipients know who sent them their special holiday card. You can write your return address in an ornament or just leave your family name while using bright and colorful Christmas colors.

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

Adding a few festive touches to the envelopes can make a big impact even if you aren’t the best artist around. Start with some Christmas colors and add your favorite Christmas scribbles. It’s a fun way to spread a little joy this season!

Send your Christmas Greetings in Style

Be sure to check out what Minted has to offer! Does your family send personalized Christmas cards each year?



  1. Jared Burkholder says:

    The elf feet are cute. That’s a great way to personalize the envelopes. Sometimes I feel like my Christmas greeting cards aren’t personal enough. I want my friends to know that I thought of them specifically. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Christmas cards are just so fun. I don’t take the time for them every year, but I love that Minted offers recipient addressing! That’s got to be my least favorite part of the whole process, lol.

  3. Although I love personalized Christmas cards, I never actually send any out! I need to get on this because every year I say I will, but I never do!!

  4. I love that your Christmas card is all camo. That’s an idea my hubby could get behind! Great ideas.

  5. I love getting Christmas cards they make it to my fridge. We send out some but haven’t done the picture thing yet but so want to.

    You are the 2nd post I’ve read about minted. I’m so going to have to check them out.

  6. Ohmygoodness, I love that they offer the personalized address feature for Christmas Cards. My handwriting would not be near as festive or as cute as that. And the elf feet makes it look like the cards came straight from the North Pole!

  7. Minted really is the best! They have such amazing products and always SUCH great deals. I love this idea – thank you for sharing it! It reminds me I need to get Christmas cards going haha!

  8. What an amazing idea! I love all of the features that Minted has for creating holiday cards. They are the best! This is so wonderful and they came out great. I love Minted so, so much!

  9. This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing it with us. Cards are a thing for us too in this season so I need all the ideas I can get for making it great. 😀

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