Crazy Play-Doh Creations


Everyone played with Play-doh at some point in their lives but most of us have never made or seen Crazy Play-Doh Creations quite like these.

Are you ready?

Play-Doh 8

Okay? Okay! Here we go…

Play-Doh 7

My favorite part about this one is that the hand holding the phone is also made from Play-Doh, it took me a couple of times of looking at it before I noticed that.

Play-Doh 6

Just imagine the patience it had to take to mold those boots and laces…I have a hard enough time threading my real boots!

Play-Doh 5

When I was a kid I would have never thought of a watch that could be used as a cell phone let alone make one with Play-Doh.

Play-Doh 4

Good ol’ Central Perk, I wonder if Gunther made this… if he did, I bet there is a Rachel made out of Play-Doh somewhere out there.

Play-Doh 3

I would much rather pour this bucket of ice over my head rather than the ones everyone was using for the challenge.

Play-Doh 2

Gotta love the eyebrows in this one!

Play-Doh 1

The 3D mug looks good enough to drink but what I find most impressive is the gravity defying letters on the Thank You card. Mine would have fell off before a picture could have been taken.

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