Crazy Products I Can’t Live Without



Crazy Products You Wont Be Able To Live Without

Amazon is a fun place to look around, sometimes you come across Products that you never new existed but once you do know, you can’t live without them. Here are my latest finds for crazy products I can’t live without. This post contains affiliate links.

The Fish Bubble is a wall mounted fish bowl that looks great and will save you space. This is great for any room that is lacking table top space but could use a cool focal point. It’s only $22, if you click here to purchase on Amazon. 


This isn’t just an umbrella that is made for your dog, it features a flashlight and a leash with headband. What will they think of next? For only $12, I think it’s worth keeping Fido dry with this Dog Umbrella.


This SeaThingz Flameless candle looks like a Sea Urchin and it can be used both in your home and outside of your home. It’s great for those late night trips to the bathroom to light your way but not too bright so you can easily go back to sleep for under $20.


An under the sheets fan! Genius! If you are like me, you can only sleep if you have something covering you but at the same time, those middle of the night hot flashes make me miserable. This is the perfect solution to the problem and it’s under $100 so it would make a great investment for anyone who needs a better nights sleep.


I love Cookies and Milk and I bet you do too. The only thing that can make eating cookies and milk a stressful experience is when you lose your perfectly dunked cookie in the bottom of the cup. Your hands are all gooey and you just don’t feel like fishing for the cookie at the bottom of the cup, then this is for you! The Dipr cookie spoon is the perfect tool for enjoying this classic treat, and you can get a package for the whole family for under $20 here.

What do you think is the craziest product you can’t live without ? Did it make the list?



  1. The wall-mounted aquarium would be perfect for my home with all the mischievous baby hands grasping at every thing in site.

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