DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration


The holiday season is here and it’s time to start thinking about decorating my home! I have begun with a few little things here using my favorite DIY Holiday Decor and items I picked up from Oriental Trading.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I like to make everything my own and that includes cute things I pick up online. I recently got a few items from Oriental Trading and decided to put my own DIY Holiday Decor spin on them to make them more festive.

I picked up this white candle holder set and used a few dollar store items to add a pop of color for the holidays.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I found a few pillar candles, red sticker ribbon, and poinsettia flowers which I put to good use to make the white candle holders more festive for the holidays.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I wrapped the candle holders with the red ribbon tape to create a candy cane type of look around the base. I love that the ribbon was already sticky so I didn’t have to mess around with glue guns or tape to try to make it stick.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I then popped the flowers off of the stems and places it inside where the pillar candle will sit. You can use a piece of tape to secure it if your candles are not heavy enough to make it stay down.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I then added the candles and placed them in a highly visible area in my living room and I think it really makes that area more bright and cheery. I added a few of the Antler Table Tossers I picked up from Oriental Trading, as well.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

When I guests over I like to serve cupcakes and cookies but setting out a bunch of platters has never really been my thing. That requires a lot of room on the counter but this 3 Tier serving tray from Oriental Trading allows me to serve a variety of snacks and save space at the same time.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

One of my favorite things I picked up was this set of throw pillows that read warm and cozy. I feel like it makes the seating area more inviting.

DIY Holiday Decor Inspiration

I couldn’t believe the deal on got on these pillows, you can get both for under $10, click here to see the full selection of pillows.

With a little DIY and a lot of good deals, my home is well on it’s way to being ready for the holidays. Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?


  1. Those candle stick holders look absolutely amazing! I love the ribbon and the blooms. They’re a really nice touch.

  2. Nothing is more Christmas than ribbons and blooms. I absolutely love this, and I will be making some of these.

  3. cute and easy way to decorate for the holiday season… I LOVE the holidays and decorating makes it that much more fun and brings everyone into the spirit… I’ll have to try the candle one : ) love the pillow too!

  4. I haven’t even thought about starting to decorate for the holidays yet 😉 Decorating is usually not my thing, but these simple ideas with items from Oriental Trading would be fabulous and pretty easy to do 🙂

  5. I just love decorating this time of year! Those throw pillow are perfection.

  6. Too cute and creative. Fantastic how just a little bit of ribbon and poinsettias totally changed the look of the candle stick holders.

  7. I just love your decorating style. I love how it is simple and cozy…oh so welcoming for anyone who stops by. When things are too fancy it just doesn’t feel like home.

  8. These are such simple and inexpensive ways to add some holiday decor. I love the things you can find at the dollar store for easy decorating.

  9. Such cute decor ideas! I am in love with those cozy and warm pillows!

  10. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love the DIY candle holders and candles. This is really a very cute idea and they make for great holiday decor. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  11. Wendy Polisi says:

    These are brilliant ideas! I totally love those cute DIY’s. I want to try it some of these decors.

  12. Such a lovely decors ideas! I love the idea of candle it would be perfect this coming holidays!

  13. I love all your decorations. These are awesome ideas. The candles are so beautiful.

  14. I am debating on decorating this year. We are moving on the 30th of December and I am not sure that I want to deal with packing up all of the Christmas decorations. I might put up the tree because I love the lights.

  15. These are great. Looks so easy to do too. I love decorating for the holidays.

  16. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    Red and gold have always been my Christmas colours! This DIY would look wonderful with my decor! I love how easy it is and how versatile! I can easily change it up to suit any holiday!

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I will be doing my decorating this week. These are great tips. I am excited to get started.

  18. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg loving your decor suggestions!!!! I might have to use a few of these around the house!!

  19. Emma Spellman says:

    The three tier food display is awesome! I love having things like that for when company comes over. I am actually doing a Christmas dinner this year, so I am going to get one these.

  20. Super cute, I love how simple this is and with materials that can be found at the Dollar Store! I love that pillow and the candle holders.

  21. Such pretty decor! I love how you decorated the candle holders and the candles. It is so festive. Love it!

  22. That’s a beautiful DIY Holiday! I love the red color, great spirit! The candle holders are so beautiful

  23. That warm pillow is so clever! Loving the white decor pieces. Easy to do for sure.

  24. Always feels satisfying to know that you handled the nice little touches of your decor on your own.

  25. I absolutely love the candle diy holiday decor! The pillows are a great way to change up the room too.

  26. I love this! What a great way to spruce up some plain candle holders. Also pillows are the easiest thing to change whenever it comes to seasons or holidays! Which is something I always love to do!


  27. The candlesticks are so great, and can be used year round, not just during the holidays. I’m going to be making them for sure

  28. That’s very creative of you. Those holiday candles do add a touch of warmth in the room!

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