DIY Reusable Chore Chart

My daughter is 9 years old and I feel like it is time for her to take on more responsibility around the house. It will build character and teach her how to live in the real world. Plus, it would be nice to get some help around here! So I created an erasable reusable chore chart that can be customized to include many chores and all of your little helper’s names.

I headed to the dollar store and picked up a cheap frame and some dry erase markers.

Then I opened up Microsoft Word Processor and used the template menu’s to make my background. Remember this part will be permanent so it’s good to list the chores that will be done everyday. You may want to leave the kids names off of this part so that you can rotate chores each day.

Print out your list of chores and be sure to make it extra fancy so the kids may even be excited about doing chores at first. 


Then fill in with the dry erase markers each kids name under which chore you would like them to complete. Erase each day to rotate duties between children. Nobody wants to get stuck doing the dishes everyday so it’s nice to switch it up.You can use the left over space on the sides for notes or the weekly chore plan, have fun with this and customize it to fit your needs.


When I was a kid my sister and brother and I would trade off more desirable chores as a form of currency for something else we wanted. I remember those days fondly, although I know my brother used to hide the hard to clean skillet in the oven until it was my turn to wash dishes. It makes me giggle now when I think about it but I will be sure to look in the oven when the dishes are “done” , thanks to him.

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