Easy Personalized Magnet Craft

My daughter and I enjoy creating fun things that can be used over and over again. Crafting is a great way to spend time with the kids and enjoy being creative together. My favorite kind of crafting is when our creations can be used throughout the year and aren’t just specific to the holiday we are currently celebrating.

This Easy Personalized Magnet Craft is a lot of fun and you will be creating a craft that can be used to brighten up your fridge while adding a fun personalized touch at the same time.
Personalized Magnet Craft


You can get creative and add your own special touches and ideas but I will show you how we made our colorful magnets, with just a few supplies to get you started.

We started out with round disc magnets with adhesive backing, card stock in a few different colors, Mod Podge, paint brush, clear glass stones, and some sharpies.


We gathered our supplies and started cutting out circles. You can use a circle punch to make perfect circles and make your life easier but we didn’t have one available so we just cut out our imperfect circles with scissors. If you decide to use a circle punch, make sure it is the same size as both the stones and magnets before using.


As you can see, our circles were far from perfect but the good news is, it really doesn’t matter. The glass stones are imperfectly shaped as well so even with a perfect circle it may not line up perfectly.

After we cut our circles, we colored in and drew all over them, this is the fun part, let your creativity flow!

Personalized Magnet Craft


Add a layer of Mod Podge to the circle and place a glass stone on top. Let it dry while you create a few more desings using your sharpies or cut out your favorite celebrities photos from a magazine and set aside for a few minutes.



Now if you have purchased the adhesive magnet buttons, just peel off the backing and place against the paper side of the stones. Apply a little pressure to ensure good contact and you are all done!



  1. love it easy, quick and cute three things I am always interested in
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  2. Looks fun and easy enough for my 5 year old to do. My worry would be she would like doing them too much and I’d end up with way too many magnets on my fridge lol 🙂 Would be nice tho to have magnets she did the art for to use to display her many sheets of artwork that she is constantly giving me.

  3. This looks so easy and would really look nice on your fridge! Thanks for linking up at #FATF

    We Three Crabs

  4. What a fun craft! I know my 7 year old would LOVE this. I’ll have to add it to my list of projects to do together.

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