How to Escape the Summer Heat at Home


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kayak Pools. All opinions are my own. 

The hottest time of the year is upon us here in the Midwest and that means everyone has the same plan for their family to cool off and escape the Summer heat. They are all headed to the same water parks, community pools, and splash pads that my family is excited to visit.

Sometimes I feel like there are more people at the water parks than anywhere else and there just isn’t enough room for everyone to enjoy it. My idea of a fun day swimming actually involves swimming, not standing in a crowd of kids trying to splash each other.

Since everyone in town is looking for relief from the unbearable heat at the same time as my family, I think the only way to remedy this situation is to get a Kayak swimming pool.


I know the cost is usually the reason that most families don’t already have one and that’s why I am so excited to share this with you!

Kayak Pools is extending an offer to families all over the Midwest that we can’t afford to ignore! They are looking for families to display their virtually “Maintenance- Free” swimming pool. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity because while they are looking for demo home sites to display their pool, you will be getting quite the discount.


They are offering the opportunity for families to receive a pool for as low as $159.99 a month and considering most pool memberships for the whole family at the community pool are more expensive than that, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Are you ready to be the cool house on the block and save yourself from all of the crowds at the local water park? Call 877-977-4437 to start enjoying your Summers again or complete the form to Kayaks demo homesite sign-up page  and we’ll call you!

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