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Getting dressed up and putting on make up for a lot of moms, including me, is a rare occasion. I just don’t have the time it takes to get my hair and nails done every couple of months or the desire to really.

I don’t usually worry about the finishing touches to my outfit because it’s hard to accessorize sweat pants and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt.

I cut my own hair and wear whatever is comfortable, not necessarily fashionable but there are days that I do want to look nice. It’s hard to look nice while keeping a house clean, cooking dinner and taking care of a house full of dogs.

Oh and also I try to run this website where I sit in front of a computer all day without seeing another human being, so my appearance is never top priority!

I have learned a few tricks for quick ways to transform myself from my everyday mom look to date night ready.

Foxy Jewelry Giveaway

  • Straightening My Hair- I just don’t have time to do this everyday so when I do, it really gets noticed.
  • Smaller/ Tighter Clothing- It seems like most of my clothing is baggy, not because I lost weight but because I generally inherit clothes from my husband, I just hate clothes shopping and he has so many! Wearing tighter fitting clothing seems to make my figure look like a woman and not just a “mom”.
  • Shoes- Although men are notorious for hating shoe shopping and women are known for being obsessed with it, one thing men seem to notice is when you wear a nice pair of shoes. Not the tennis shoes I wear everyday but crazy dangerous high heels, thigh high boots, or pretty much anything that makes your feet hurt, will work.
  • Finishing Touches- My favorite tip is the finishing touches like a pretty necklace and a great pair of earnings. This is my favorite because although I don’t dress up often, I do wear jewelry almost daily and it can look great no matter what you are wearing, if you have the right jewelry.

Foxy Originals has beautiful pieces that will compliment any outfit and they offer the perfect finishing touches for a date night ensemble. I was lucky enough to to receive the Cypress Necklace in Silver as well as the Casablanca Earrings in Silver. 

Finishing Touches


Both of theses pieces are handmade from fine pewter and is plated in Silver and all Foxy Jewelry is Lead Free. Which is great if you have allergies of sensitive skin, like me. I love how both of these can be used to dress up a date night outfit or worn with my usual casual attire.

Foxy Jewelry Giveaway

Foxy Originals stands behind their quality and workmanship that goes into each and every piece. They even guarantee their jewelry is being made in a positive work environment and credit their commitment to producing locally.

You can find out more about Foxy Originals by visiting their website here.  You can also get connected with Foxy Originals through social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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