Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are falling and the weather is chilly. So why not stay inside and get messy with a little pumpkin carving fun?

DSC06017Carving a pumpkin can be a lot of fun especially if you don’t mind the mess! I try to make sure I carve my pumpkin on a wipe able surface and talk someone else, like my daughter, into pulling all of the guts out!

She doesn’t mind, in fact I think this is her favorite part! 


The carving part is my favorite and I like to be a little more imaginative with my design than the standard pumpkin face. My daughter and husband decided they had to have at least one pumpkin with a face so I let them have their fun.


After carving, they added a few tears of blood coming out of the eyes to make it extra creepy. I think it turned out great and I really like the eyebrows. I then decided to get to work on my pumpkin and show them what a little imagination can do. I had my daughter pull the guts out for me of course. I promised her delicious pumpkin seeds when done and I think that was payment enough for her work.

My pumpkin turned out great, I love the way it looks when lit at night! It’s kind of sad that this sweet kitten’s face is going to crumble and dry out over the next couple of weeks only to be thrown in the trash and forgot about. At least we will get some great pictures, a fun afternoon, and delicious snacks out of this fun process.

How did you get creative with your pumpkin?


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