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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DoubleDown Casino for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family went on a little road trip to Dubuque this weekend and the weather on the way home wasn’t ideal for looking out the window so I found a fun way to spend my time since my husband was driving.

I played DoubleDown Casino for most of the drive and even after we arrived at our house I was playing some more.

Have you played DoubleDown Casino Yet? If you haven’t than this information will probably excite you as much as it did me!   undefined

Not only is this a game that can be played anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer but you don’t have to be an expert to play and it’s free!

My mom was pet sitting for us and when we arrived home she was waiting to hear about our trip but the first thing she noticed was how amused I was with my latest game obsession. When I told her DoubleDown Casino was free she immediately downloaded it and started playing. I was interested in her feedback on the game because she loves going to Vegas and although I enjoyed the slots I wasn’t sure if she would be as impressed.


She was hooked immediately and loves how DoubleDown Casino is the only online Casino that delivers an authentic Vegas experience to the world.

We ended up not helping unpack the car and just sitting across from each other trying out all of the fun games DoubleDown Casino has to offer. It’s a great way to escape your everyday routine and enjoy the excitement of taking a chance at winning.

I felt bad just sitting there, having fun, playing this game while my husband unloaded the car but I knew once I downloaded it to his phone, he would be hooked too! I wanted to make sure everything was unpacked and put away from our trip before I let him try out this game.

Somebody had to get things done around here!

I knew I needed to take a break from playing games and head back to reality, so I downloaded the game to my husbands phone and let him play while I prepared our lunch.

He loves playing video poker and DoubleDown Casino offers classic video poker as well as tournaments. He tried his luck with the classic version and just like when we are at the Casino he was winning while having a blast! I couldn’t wait to get back to playing so I kept peeking at his screen to see how the video poker looked and it looks exactly like the one at the Casino! DoubleDown Casino   Once I got lunch prepared and we were all seated at the dining room table, I got back to Wheel of Fortune! We never have phones at the table but we were all so into the games that we just stared at our screens and shoved food into our mouths like a group of teenagers. DoubleDown Casino I can admit that, I’m not at all ashamed! I know once you try it out you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Once you start playing be sure to take a break and come back to this post. Go ahead, play now then tell me what your favorite casino game on DoubleDown Casino is and why you love it!  Be sure to Checkout DoubleDown Casino on Facebook, too!

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