Learn How Less Household Chores Equal a Cleaner Home


Learn How Less Household Chores Equal a Cleaner Home

As a busy mom who works full time, there always seems to be a list of household chores that need to be done and at least one chore that gets skipped each day when I finally quit at night.

This usually leaves me with anxiety and keeps me from resting very well at night. It’s a vicious cycle and I just never seemed to be able to catch up on the household chores and they just seem to keep on piling up.

I knew that I wasn’t going to get more time to finish each chore and I definitely wasn’t going to get less household chores to do. I knew I couldn’t possibly work any harder but I had to work smarter in order to get everything done and actually get a little down time.

This woman has less household chores than before but has a cleaner home. One purchase chaged her life and now she has tons of relaxation time.

When I heard of the BISSELL SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum I was excited that a brand I trust has come out with a machine that will not only do some of my household chores for me but it sounded like it may even do a better job since this chore often went undone.

I couldn’t wait to put this machine to the test on my multi surface floors. I was excited to see if it really could pick up the mess my family leaves behind and that includes two furry family members that seem to shed their weight in hair each day.

Household Chores

After unboxing and charging the vacuum, I quickly scanned through the manual. I was pretty impressed with how easily I understood everything and within minutes I was able to test it out. The first thing I did was set up the time and date as well as schedule the SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum to clean my home at a time that is most convenient to me.

I started out in my bedroom where I have a thick carpet with lots of obstacles for the vacuum to clean around. I was curious to see how the Opticlean® censors find dirt and how the vacuum would handle the corners of furniture and random object placement.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

I was impressed with the vacuum’s ability to weave in and out of furniture and continue to tackle the chore of cleaning my home. I was a little nervous when it found it’s way under my bed but it stayed true to the pattern I had it set up to clean in and it zig zagged its way throughout my room until it was clean.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

The dual spinning brushes grabbed dirt and debris from my carpeting while moving in a pattern that ensured my entire room was covered.

After my room was finished I was curious and desperately hoping that the BISSELL SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum would live up to what I had read and sure enough it was smart enough to not fall down the stairs. Don’t ask me how it knows but somehow it does, so I guess I didn’t need to wait anxiously with my arms out two inches behind while taking this picture, just in case.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

My next test was heading to the main floor where my older dog spends most of his time shedding while my younger dog spends most of his time destroying random household objects. This is the reason I need a little extra help getting this chore done at my house.

My first concern was that the machine is small compared to my standard upright vac but I was really happy with the capacity of the SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum‘s dust bin and impressed with how much hair it was able to pick up.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

Not only did it hold an impressive amount of dirt, hair, dog toy fabric, and who knows what else, but it was so simple to empty. No manual was required to figure this part out, the lid is marked so you know where to press to access the bin and it comes right out so easily.

Household Chores easier with this chore minimizing product

I have never had a vacuum that was easier to empty, usually they require lining up of arrows and at least a few minutes spent reading a manual.

I was already in love with this machine and ready to tell the world about it but I had to try it out on tile and see what it could do there.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

Once again, I was happy with the results, no grooves or corners were going to hold onto debris because the SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum’s Triple-Action Cleaning System removes dirt with it’s strong suction on all of the surfaces in my home.

It is definitely smarter than the average vacuum and provides multi-surface adaptability that allows your whole house to get a good clean even when you don’t have time for household chores. Plus with the Invisible Wall Technology I am able to clean the rooms I want and make my new favorite robot stay out of the rooms I don’t want him to enter.

One thing that made me giggle was when I manually placed the vacuum back in front of the charger after taking a few more pictures of the wheels, the vacuum backed itself up and readjusted back into the charger the right way, apparently it is smarter than I am.

Tackle those household chores the right way and get all of the work done without having to do as much work!

My favorite feature has to be the convenient flexible cleaning schedule. I can have my household chores done whenever I want and I don’t even have to be home to get this chore done anymore. What do you think you would enjoy most about having a BISSELL SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum?



  1. Robin+Rue+(@massholemommy) says:

    I want one of these BAD. I am always sweeping and washing my hardwood floors and this would save me a lot of time.

  2. I really want one of these! I looked at another company and their vacuums were out rages and price. I have to check these out thank you.

  3. Maggie+Branch says:

    This looks incredible! Vacuuming is one of my least favorite chores and like with you that means it often gets left out in my chore rotation. I would love to hear how your furry friends do with the robot aspect though.

  4. This would be a great idea but I’m afraid it would entice the little ones to play with it. They would see it as toy! But if it could eliminate one chore for myself–then lets go!

  5. Oh my, I so want one of these robotoc vacuums. You are right, it also gives me anxioety when the night hiuts and I have a chorse left out and undone.

  6. Oh wow, this looks so tempting. I’ve always wanted one of these robotic vacuums but I was hesitant when it comes to their functionality.
    So nice to hear it works so well, now I really have to look into getting one. You’re right, we should work smarter, not harder 🙂

  7. Enjoy your Robot. We had one years ago and I absolutely loved it. The only thing for us is that cat hair got wound up in the vacuum brush bristles and that was so difficult to clean. Now some of the new vacuums do not have those bristles anymore so they are easier to keep clean. One day I will buy another one, but up here in Canada they cost around $700.

  8. These are tips I really need to start using! I would love to have a robotic vacuum. I have heard they are wonderful!

  9. I live in a home with 4 pets. We could certainly benefit from this. I know it would help me out a great deal!

  10. I have always wanted to try one of these. With two long hair cats in the house there is always fur to pick up. This would make a great gift idea.

  11. Bissell is a really great brand! This looks like an awesome product to have. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Now I really need to get this! I’ve been hearing great reviews about this and I am totally missing out. I love that you showed a photo of the dirt and hairs it collected. It does work!

  13. We have a similar robotic vacuum and I couldn’t imagine my floors without it! I dont have enough time to do my floors daily!

    • I have never tried any other robot vac but I can’t imagine liking the others as much as this one. It holds an impressive amount and it really is smart!

  14. Krystal+Anne says:

    I have a problem. Whenever I go to bed at night I think of all of the things I need to do, but then I realize I can’t do them because school really gets in the way. Today I was trying to finish a book report with my friend, (It’s a group activity) My school had the bright idea that it was better to circle misspelled words rather then get any work done. It was SO frustrating, and there are a bunch of other things I need to do after school to get ready for upcoming valentines day and whatnot. What should I do?

    • Sounds like you may be a little overwhelmed! I know that feeling all too well! I have been kept awake at night by the list of things that need to be done in my head many times. I have recently decided I can’t do everything so I need to ask for help, no matter how hard that may seem. Yes, even super mom needs help sometimes. So my advice would be to do what you can and ask for help with what is left, don’t stress out over the rest, it will only make it harder to get through the mountain of things you have to do. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. I always wonder if this really does work? Like how much “dust and dirt” will it hold. I have a pretty big first floor and this would work wonders for me!

  16. This new vacuum cleaner looks awesome… I need a brand new vacuum to clean my dirty carpet

  17. This looks so cool. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews about this brand.

  18. I have heard so many great things about this machine, I really hope to get one of these for my home. It looks so helpful!

  19. Okay that thing is amazing. It would certainly help me with our two dogs!

  20. janice murphy says:

    I just love this , I panted my kitchen last year, took for every to pant my cabinets

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