How to Make Applesauce In a Crockpot

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There is nothing better than making all of your foods homemade. When making all of your food yourself, you get to control what is in it and what isn’t. I recently experimented when making some homemade applesauce and it came out so good, I had to share the recipe.

How to Make Applesauce

Apple Sauce SCD Recipe

One of my favorite things about this homemade applesauce recipe is that it can be made using a CrockPot . It just doesn’t get much easier than that!

We recently had a friend of ours with an apple tree tell us that she was sick of apples and wasn’t going to use the rest of the apples that are still on the trees. After a busy week we were only left with time to collect these apples after it has already gotten dark but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from getting free apples.

All I could think about along the way was all of the possibilities of delicious apple recipes like pies, apple flours, and I was especially excited to try making homemade applesauce in my crockpot.

So after roaming around in the dark with a flashlight we managed to collect two buckets of red delicious apples.

AppleSauce SCD Recipe

It took quite a while to peel all of them for cooking but it was well worth the effort. Plus it made me start looking into a better option and I found out that KitchenAid makes a spiralizer attachment and it just clicks right onto your mixer and peels,cores, and spiralizer fruits or veggies in minutes. Needless to say, that handy little product has made it to my Christmas list this year.

All you will need to make applesauce in a crockpot is these ingredients:

5 lbs of Peeled Apples

1/2 Cup of Honey

2 Teaspoons of Cinnamon

3/4 of a Cup of Water

SCD Applesauce

Peel about 5 lbs of apples and add them to a CrockPot  set on high. Add all of the other ingredients and cook on high for about 7 hours.

Sugar Free AppleSauce

After the applesauce has been cooked thoroughly, you will have an apple cider type liquid in the CrockPot . You can drain this out and use it for other recipes, drink it, or throw it away. I just like to add a little extra water to prevent things from burning to the crockpot and the liquid increases as the apples cook.

After draining the excess liquid, put the applesauce into a blender and then refrigerate until cool.

Your house is going to smell amazing for several days even after you have eaten all of the homemade applesauce. This would make a great DIY gift this holiday season so don’t forget your friends and family when making your homemade applesauce.




  1. Robin+Rue+(@massholemommy) says:

    I have never made my own applesauce before, but this method sounds relatively easy, so I think I will give it a try.

  2. I’ve never made applesauce before. I’ll have to give this crock pot recipe a try. It seems like it would be really easy.

  3. OH YUM! Can I put in an order? I got rid of my slow cooker since I barely used it, now I am regretting this! LOL

  4. We have a bag of apples in our fridge right now. I bet the kids would get a kick out of making this!

  5. Delicious! I would love to try this out. Homemade applesauce is seriously the best and now I have a new way to make it.

  6. I haven’t tried to prepare a homemade applesauce. After reading your post, I have a good idea how to do it. So, I think the family would be expecting some of my applesauce this weekend. 🙂

  7. Bonnie+@wemake7 says:

    I just made some applesauce a few weeks ago after apple picking. I never thought of using the crockpot, that is an awesome idea!

  8. I love homemade applesauce. I made it a few years back and my kids loved it. I haven’t had a chance to make it this year though.

  9. Homemade applesauce is the best. I’ve never tried doing it in a crockpot, though. I’m going to try this soon.

  10. Mmmm, this looks amazing. I know my girls loved home made apple sauce.

  11. I will try this someday. MY husband and daughter love applesauce,. We buy jars and jars of them each time.

  12. Oh my goodness this looks so good!!! I would love to make my own apple sauce, I need to try this!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

  13. I love apple sauce but have never made it in the crockpot. I love cooking with my crockpot so I should give this a try.

  14. OMG. This is exactly how I make mine. Super easy and my daughter has always loved it! Smells so good in there, too.

  15. Homemade applesauce is great! I’ve never tried doing it in a crockpot, though. Can’t wait to try it!

  16. I love homemade applesauce, but I’ve never seen a crockpot recipe. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. I really need to get a crockpot, I’m missing out on some awesome recipes. Never made applesauce before.

  18. OMG this Kitchenaid sounds like a dream. My daughters favorite fruit is a Granny Smith apple. My gosh if I could just have a machine do the peal work for me.

  19. I have never tried making applesauce in my crockpot, but this looks so good. It would be perfect on top of some ice cream.

  20. CourtneyLynne says:

    I make crockpot applesauce once a year and I never make enough…. My family goes nuts over it!

  21. Maggie+Branch says:

    I have never tried crock pot applesauce. However, I love applesauce and am thinking this would make my house smell delicious. Totally on my to do list for this winter.

  22. I’ve never made applesauce in the crockpot, but when my boys were babies I did make them applesauce as baby food and I just steamed them in my fancy little baby bullet steamer. It was great fun, but now that I have no more babies I will have to give this a try! They all LOVE applesauce!

  23. I am going to have to try this recipe I never have cooked applesauce in the crockpot. Would be so much easier

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