Tips for How to Paint a Room

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My kitchen needed an update but I didn’t have a whole weekend to dedicate to a project so I decided to implement some tips and tricks I have learned on how to paint a room quickly while still achieving a professional look without the professional price tag.

How to paint a room quickly

The most important part of painting any room is preparation, not only having all of the supplies you need readily available but preparing the work area to prevent unwanted messes.

A quick trip to your local Home Depot to pick up all of your supplies is the best way to get prepared for your project. Check this list to be sure you get everything needed to tackle this project the right way.

How to Paint a Room Supplies:

  • Paint-Be sure to measure your room and check the cans for coverage area.
  • Paint Brushes-A roller, a roller cover and a couple of good trim brushes.
  • Paint Pan and Liner-You can reuse the pan over and over again if you pick up a good liner. Plus this saves on cleanup time.
  • Drop Cloths
  • Painting Tape-This is for trim and securing the drop cloths.
  • Paint can opener
  • Paint Stirrer
  • Screwdriver-This will be for popping off the electrical outlet covers.
  • Glade® Room Spray-The perfect way to finish this job since it’s infused with essential oil extracts and comes in a variety of fragrances like Lavender & Peach Blossom, Clean Linen®, Hawaiian Breeze®, and Apple Cinnamon.
  • Glade® Wax Melts-My favorite is the Lavender & Peach Blossom. I think it compliments the room perfectly and since it lasts up to 96 hours I can enjoy this scent all season long.
  • Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil-This warmer is adjustable to fit any size room so just plug it in and enjoy your favorite Glade® fragrances.


It was really easy to find all of the products I needed but it was hard to choose which ones I wanted to try because everything smelled so good.

Glade Plugins

I love being able to scratch and sniff on the front of the package so I can make sure I am picking up the scents that set the mood I want my guests greeted with.

Glade Home Depot

The scent of relaxing lavender and energizing peach helped inspire me to stay mellow and motivated me to complete my project.

Glade Home Depot 3

My other favorite scents to fill my home are the Clean Linen® and the Glade® Room Spray. It’s so nice to be able to give the room a quick spray and change the mood with different scents.

Now that you have picked up your supplies, it’s time to prepare the room you are painting. Lay drop cloths down and tape the edges to provide extra protection from leaks.


If you are not able to remove the trim, run a line of tape at the top and crease the ends so that the tape doesn’t get in the way when painting.

Kitchen Painting

Remove all window coverings, furniture, and pop off all of the outlet covers. Tape around air vents, windows, and door frames. Using trim brushes, paint all trim and hard to reach areas first.

Home Depot 1

Home Dpot 3

Grab your roller and start painting the walls where you began with the trim, making a point to blend the paints together. As the paint dries you will begin to notice where you may need a second coat, paint this now while the rest of the room dries starting from the wall painted first and working your way back to the end.

Once your room has an even coat, remove tape while paint is still wet. I have found this is the best way to get a good clean line.

Pick up all of the drop cloths and when paint has dried according to the directions on the can replace outlet covers, window coverings, and furniture.

Home Depot 2

Home Depot Glade 4

Spray your newly painted room with Glade® Room Spray in your favorite scent and enjoy your updated space!

Are you working on projects this Summer? Be sure to check out The Home Depot Blog for more inspiration and the Glade® website as well as find them on social media. Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest, and YouTube.


  1. Ugh… we have been doing nothing but painting the last little bit.
    We are trying to get our house ready to go on the market which means almost every room needs a fresh coat of paint. These are great tips!

  2. Thanks so much for this. We’re gearing up to do a little painting, and I do NOT want it to take a million years.

  3. We need to paint our place! We moved last year and slowly getting this place how we want it! Great tips!

  4. Christine says:

    Wow that looks so much brighter. Beautiful job.

  5. I dread painting! Looks like you got it down pat though! I need to update some rooms this summer so badly!

  6. OMG, why didnt I think to tape the drop cloth to the walls. This saves me from getting paint drops on my floors.

  7. Those are great tips! I painted my whole house recently and man-it was such a pain. I am so burnt out on painting.

  8. I actually dont mind painting. I did my daughters room while pregnant. The only annoying thing is the fumes (i wore a mask and had the window open) and doing the painters tape around the trim and hoping you get it straight!

  9. I really need to repaint our house. We bought our house new and have lived here 8 years. The paint needs to be updated soon. I just haven’t figured out what color that I want to paint it yet. I will be picking a semi-gloss paint next time. It’s so much easier to keep clean vs a flat paint.

  10. Wonderful tips. I love how yours turned out. You picked out a great color. I think the colors always really matter. You have to make sure to pick out what is going to fit the room well and any items you’re going to have in the room too.

  11. I don’t like doing this job. Thankfully, I have a husband who knows how to do this well.

  12. We just painted our front and back doors a couple of days ago and loved the results. But I am no pro at all in painting. I actually haven’t tried painting until I got here in the U.S. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  13. I’d have to say this least favorite part of painting is the taping! I’ve painted many rooms throughout my life, love the change it gives a room and how it can change a mood as well : )

  14. I hope to get a few home projects knocked out this summer. We need to do some purging and redecorating, our room in particular needs a new look.

  15. Thank you for sharing your tips. I’m painting soon and I really wasn’t looking forward to it because there is always a mess. You gave me some ideas!

  16. Such helpful tips! We will definitely be putting them to use in our new home!

  17. Great job in painting. I don’t think I can do it though. I am all thumbs. I would probably call my brother to do it for me.

  18. Painting the walls and baseboards a different color really changes the look of a room.

  19. ERICA WEAVER says:


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