Keeping Your Little Ones Safe Giveaway

When my daughter was a baby, I went out and bought all of the baby proofing gear for my house that I could find. We had everything from the table edge guards to the locks for the cabinet doors. We even bought those little plastic things that go into the power outlets to protect the baby from putting their finger into the holes and getting shocked.

Most of the baby proofing products seemed to do their job but the outlet covers were so easy to pull out and just the right size for a baby to choke on. Once I noticed this I was horrified and took them out while strategically placing furniture in front of the outlets in my home.  I knew there had to be a better way and now I have found one. Although I received this product for the purposes of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

The Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet is the perfect solution to your baby proofing needs. It is easy to install just insert the Guardian Angel Safety Outlet over the wall outlet. Make sure the screws are tight. Plug in your device and you are ready to go! Simple enough for us busy parents to do in what little time we have but secure enough so our children can’t remove them. Other than the safety aspect my favorite part is that the outlet is always on and I don’t have to move furniture out of the way to plug something in or remove a plastic plug to use an outlet.


Here are some great tips for getting the most out of your Guardian Angel Outlet

  • Use in outlets that are always in use (like with nightlights, floor lamps, and baby monitors) – these outlets have everything a child needs to get shocked (an already mechanically circumvented outlet, with metal prongs already inserted, a nice cord to guide the child directly there, and something to grab)
  • Use in outlets frequently used (to vacuum, to charge a cell phone) – these outlets often have missing or broken mechanical barriers
  • Use in highly visible outlets where the child plays or in a location of particular interest to the child.

Putting the Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet in those locations will almost eliminate the chances of a child being one of the 30,000 annual household shock accidents.

For more information on the Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet click here.

Enter below for your chance to win your own Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet for peace of mind. This would make a great gift for anyone with small children.

What are some ways you have baby proofed your house?


  1. christine byrd says:

    I always made sure I had latch locks f
    or my cabinets

  2. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Moved all cleaning products to the high cupboards that cannot be reached by the kids. Then, put on child locks on that cupboard just in case they climb up there.

    • That’s a great idea Marilyn. I have heard many horrific stories of children getting into the cleaning products and they never end well. We all like to think we are being safe but taking that extra step to not only move the products higher but to also put locks on that cabinet as well is a great way to ensure your child’s safety. Great job! Thanks for the tip:)

  3. I put safety latches on and yes, I bought those little plug covers. This product seems like it would be great. I hate taking off those things just to use an outlet!

    • Thanks for the comment Denise. That is exactly why I love the Guardian Angel Outlet, it doesn’t require any effort to use. Those little plastic things are better than nothing but this outlet is so cool. Good Luck!

  4. I always put the little outlet protectors on all of the outlets in the house when baby proofing. I also always make sure that we have the cabinet protectors on the cabinets and even the door handle things!

  5. Would be awesome to give her my sister

  6. elizabeth enriquez says:

    Have a two year old boy and another due in January, have the plastic covers for the wall plug in but those don’t stay on for long. This would really be great for two boys running around the house.

  7. As an awaiting grandmother, I haven’t starting baby proofing yet, so I need all the help I can get.

  8. Penny Bennett says:

    Cabinet locks and baby gates!

  9. Diana Hatch says:

    We keep things out of reach from little hands

  10. We have safety covers on all our electric plugs.

  11. We have baby-proofed our house with socket covers and baby locks on the liquor cabinet and cleaners cabinet. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  12. We have plastic covers for the wall outlets, door locks, and gates.

  13. Lisa Brooks says:


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