What I Miss Most About the 90’s

Kids these days aren’t even capable of understanding the greatness of the things we loved in the 90’s. In some cases it’s not just the kids but all of us are spoiled. We don’t even have to think for more than a few seconds about anything.

If there is a song stuck in our head instead of thinking about it until we remember, we just Google it. In the 90’s when we would get stuck, we would hope to run into that friend who was addicted to MTV (when they actually played music) and ask him. Now when we see a friend and ask them to remember that song that went…. I saw a lion, he was standing alone with a tadpole in a jar…..our friend would just give us a stupid look and tell us to Google it.

What I Miss Most About the 90's

Things were a whole lot different and these are my favorite memories of those times…

candy cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes were not only cool but they were freaking delicious! At some point these were nowhere to be found and were even banned in some states. I do not see the harm in allowing kids this delicious treat. I know we are trying to protect our kids and not glamorize cigarettes but there are many things that the general public finds to be completely acceptable going on in front of children every second of every day that are setting a much worse example.

Almost every movie I have seen that is marketed for children is full of adult content and suggestive material. We are glamorizing adult activities as if it wasn’t a dangerous game of Russian roulette full of disease and unwanted pregnancies. I am all for free speech but I believe a parent shouldn’t have to try and get their hands on a script for a “family” movie before they can feel safe showing it to their children.

90s nintendo

I know you are probably thinking, I don’t need a Nintendo, I have a Wii! I do too and it is not the same thing no matter how many $5.00 downloads they get you to buy, you can’t get all of the games the original offered and there is nothing like blowing on a cartridge before popping it in the machine and holding that square game controller.

These were the days of simple games that kept us occupied like Bop-it, Tamagochi pets, and board games. I remember playing the Electronic Dream Phone game when I was a kid and thinking it was advanced because of the animated phone.


I know everyone has cell phones these days and the idea of a payphone seems kind of ridiculous but you are wrong again! Payphones are awesome! I wish I could walk up to my local pay phone again and make a prank call without worrying about my phone number, address, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and Social Security number popping up! Plus there have been times when I forgot my cell phone at home or it was dead and could have used the assistance of a Pay phone.

90s phone

I know I have completely lost you at this point but a Home Telephone would be ideal for most of us these days. Remember those days when you weren’t always glued to your phone? You could actually disconnect from the world without having to check your messages or hear alerts constantly. I rarely talk on the phone these days because I text or Facebook everyone but back in the day I remember enjoying a conversation without having to worry about the radiation from my phone. If I really enjoyed the conversation, you could find me by following the 40 ft. long phone cord all the way down the hall to my bedroom, where it was stretched out and slammed in my door.

Times have changed and some things are for the better but most things will never be the same again. Technology has advanced to make some things simpler but in my eyes,  I grew up in the simpler time, not this generation.

What do you miss most about the good old days?

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  1. LOL
    I remember waiting forever listening to the radio just to hear the name of a song!

  2. Jack+Liston says:

    I agree, this world today is garbage and I wish we could eliminate all of this technology and social networking. It doesn’t make the world better, it makes us a bunch of robots! People need to unplug everything and spend some time in the woods, by some water. The youth today are embarrassing and it stinks that my child will have a hard time finding a friend that isn’t what I would consider weird and very sad! Super Mom, you rock and I love your website!

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