Organize Your Junk Drawer for $1

Clean out your junk drawer now and save yourself time and frustration later. When you need to grab something quickly like a pen or piece of paper to write a quick note, there is no time for fumbling through a mess to find what you are looking for.

I have had some great ideas in the past that never came to fruition and I blame that completely on not having a pen to write the idea down. So I decided to get organized and I am going to show you how to Organize Your Junk Drawer for $1.


Organize Your Junk Drawer for $1


My junk drawer was in desperate need of organization, I could never find anything in this mess!

Organize your junk drawer for $1


Although it’s a disaster, I think this is what a typical junk drawer looks like.

Everyone has some kind of catch-all that gets overlooked during daily chores and it probably resembles my mess more than you would like to admit.

As with all of my projects, the first step for me is empty out the space before organization can take place. Wow, I may have to trademark that rhyme!

Organize your junk drawer for $1

When I emptied out my junk drawer, I threw all of the items into a box. This helps me prevent just throwing everything right back into the drawer and makes me think about the best place to put things so that they don’t end up lost at the bottom of the drawer again.

My secret to junk drawer organization is a trip to the Dollar Store to pick up a cutlery tray.


These are great for separating items like pens, screw drivers, and scissors. It makes it so much easier to just grab what I need without much effort.

Organize your junk drawer for $1


I like the length of this cutlery tray, it allows me to stash a notebook underneath for shopping lists. The width was a little less than what I needed for this project so I just found a random rectangle bin that fit nicely.

A free way to do this would be to cut off the bottom of a cereal box and cover it in wrapping paper or many boxes and create your own organization tool.

I started adding my items back to the drawer keeping in mind the things I use most often and putting them in easily accessible places that would not disturb the less needed items.

Organize your junk drawer for $1

Now that I have my junk drawer organized I am going to move onto the next project on my list of organization and I will be sure to share that with you, so be sure to check back for more tips on how to organize cheap and efficiently.


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  1. Over half the drawers in our home are junk drawers! LOL! So sad!

  2. Thank you! We need more organization in our house!

  3. Cassidy Ciazza says:

    We just got a one dollar store on town, I plan on using your ideas to organize!

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