Parenting with a Sense of Humor

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Sometimes being a mom can get a little stressful and I have found the best way to get through those extra hard days is parenting with a sense of humor.

My typical routine on a school day is to wake up at 6:00 am. to a blaring alarm clock that I immediately hit the snooze button on. Then about 5 minutes later my phone alarm goes off playing an annoying song I found on my phone, that I have no time to figure out how to change. I immediately hit the snooze on that as well and after a few rounds of the I don’t want to believe it’s morning already game, I actually get out of bed.

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I then head to my daughters room where she will play the same game but instead of having an alarm clock to hit snooze on, she tries to shut me up instead. Sometimes I have to resort to creative ways to get her out of bed like putting our puppy, who is not potty trained and lacks manners, into her bed with her. Giving him full roam of her room with the ability to eat her most prized possessions and mark his territory on her beautiful pink furry rug. Sure enough this method works every time!

Some days she gets out of bed quickly without the help of a puppy and I usually let her watch television for a few minutes. I downloaded an app on my phone that is a remote control for my television and I knew this would be a great time to try it out.

So, as my daughter watched t.v. with the remote in her hand, I stood in the hallway and clicked the channel up button on my phone and watched as she quickly changed it back to her show.

She must have thought she bumped the button by mistake.

I then typed in a number 37 and waited to see what happened next. She yelled to me to come down because the television was acting weird.

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I sat on the couch next to her hiding the phone by my side but continued to hit buttons. She tried to explain what the problem was with the television and when she explained the television was going to random channels I said, like what channel? She then told me it was randomly changing channels like 16 or 42. As she said those numbers I quickly changed the channel to those channels.

She was shocked! She said Oh my, it’s like I’m psychic. I told her that could not be the case, say another number. She then said 55 and to her amazement the television switched to channel 55. After about 5 minutes of this I knew we had to get going so she wouldn’t be late for school and I had to confess that she was not psychic but blessed with a mischievous mother.

We laughed the whole way to school.

She actually said to me on April Fools Day this year that it’s like everyday is April 1st having me as a mom because I am always messing with her. I took that as a complement because I could tell she enjoys my humorous way of dealing with things.

Sometimes we just need a good laugh to get through the day and that’s why I am excited to tell you about Stephanie Blum’s new Youtube channel called MOMS RULE. It’s so great that it was spotted by producers who signed her to be in a new comedy series on TLC called WHAT SHE SAID. Check out the sneak peek below and you will see that we are not alone in our humorous way of getting through motherhood.


Don’t miss it, the sneak peek will air on Sunday May 10th at 11pm ET/10pm CT on TLC. For those that follow Stephanie Blum on Facebook or Twitter (@StephanieBlum or @MomsRuleShow) and subscribe to their YouTube channel or Facebook page, you will be the first to find out YOU can appear on the show MOMS RULE!

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  1. I have watched one of the youtube from her and I loved it. Moms do rule and its okay to parent with some humor some of these kids think we have none ….well at least mine does. I can be funny…sometimes my son things when I make a joke I am weird though

  2. I love to hear fun stories about how moms inject laughter and lightheartedness into our days. Sometimes it is so hard for me to remember to make positive and fun memories with my boys when we have so much to do. It is so important to just take a break and enjoy being silly!

  3. I can’t wait to watch this show. I’m so glad it’s going to be on TV because I have limited Internet and can’t always watch things online that much. I love that you and your daughter had those laughable moments together.

  4. That sounds like an amazing prank to pull!! I need to pull this one on my husband and see his reaction. Your show sounds like it will be a great one to watch and full of laughs.

  5. Humor definitely helps! I have heard of this and it looks like a good laugh. After a long day, that is what I really want to do. I want to laugh myself silly till I have tears in my eyes. I will definitely need to record this to watch when I need one of those moments.

  6. always gotta keep it funny and positive. Way easier to deal with things with a smile than with a bad mood. Kids feed from that too and reflect what we do and how we act.
    dee T

  7. I haven’t head of her show but I love comedy so it sounds like one to watch. I love the fun mother-daughter relationship you have. It’s very cute!

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