Pick the Perfect Pet for Your Personality

How to pick the purr-fect pet for your personality


Over a year ago now, we introduced our beautiful kitten Patch to our home. Safe to say that I couldn’t imagine our home without him now, and the corner of my eye is constantly seeking that familiar black and white coat.


For you lovely readers out there who are thinking of getting a kitten yourselves, or perhaps a new puppy or rabbit, I thought I’d share with you a few questions that we had to consider before we took the plunge and brought out little fur ball home.



  • Where do you live?


We had to think about this carefully, because the kind of place we have was only really suitable for a kitten. Houses are considered better for dogs as they usually have access to a garden at least. It’s also better for animals like rabbits, as they can either have their hutch outside or in a cool garage, and be let out into runs for the day.


If you live in an apartment, then you should only really think about getting a small dog who isn’t wanting to nag you for long walks all the time, or an indoor cat. That doesn’t mean that those animals can’t still become distressed though if their environments aren’t right for them. Felines enjoy having lots of places to hide and climb, as well as lots of textures around the place to give them mental stimulation.



  • How do you spend your free time?


A cat or dog may be the obvious choice for a pet, but if you simply don’t like to spend your free time in the house, or going on short walks, then you’ll hit a problem. They both still like to have lots of attention from their owner, and a depressed pet is the last thing you need as it’s not fair to either of you. Instead, look at animals that are lower maintenance, such as gerbils and rabbits. They’re quite happy to be left alone until you get back.


Another note to add here is that you should also look at how you spend your money; a big element of pet ownership is making sure your animal has everything they need, and that means food, regular new toys, consistent vet check-ups and vaccinations. All of this will cost you thousands in the long-term, so don’t get a pet that breaks the bank!



  • What’s in your future?


A pet can mean a commitment of 10-20 years, so you have to think about what else you want to do in life. Do you want to have children for example? Then a rescue animal might not be right for you. Instead, look at buying a breed of puppy that is considered good with children, such as these beautiful Beagle puppies for sale in Glasgow from Douglas Hall Kennels, who hand-select the best breeders.


I hope you found this post useful in determining the best pet for you. Leave me a comment with which animal you’d pick and why.


  1. Awww! I wonder if I would be able to maintain a pet. I know it takes a lot of work whether you live in an apartment or a house because it is like caring for a child. The doggies in your picture as so adorable by the way.

  2. I think these are some very important tips to suggest. The biggest one is thinking about your future because it sad to have a pet for many, many years than you have to give it up for some reason. I am determined my little man is going to stay with me until the Lord calls him home.

  3. I’m a dog person. I’ve always loved how affectionate they are. I’m sure cats can be the same too but I’ve only had experiences with owning a dog. You’re right, it is a big commitment to owning a pet. It’s definitely not something you just decide on getting on a whim.

  4. These are great tips. I think making an educated decision is better for yourself, your family and the dog. You want to make sure that you are all going to be happy and satisfied.

  5. Such a thoughtful post, and actually more people to need to read posts like this! People should do their research before buying just any random pet…that’s why so many end up back in humane societies or being sold to other people!

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    When we adopted our dog online from halfway across the country I admit I went on looks at first glance. I am so glad that she worked out with our family because it was pretty stressful at first training her and such.

  7. I love animals so we have a ton of them (5 dogs, currently a litter of 8 puppies to add to those, 3 cats, 1 kitten, a bearded dragon and several miniature horses. Being animal parent is not for the faint of heart and I think these are awesome tips for anyone that might be considering expanding their family with a new family member of the 4 legged type!

  8. These are all wonderful points to consider when thinking of getting a pet. I know so many people who jump in without giving it a second thought, and then they find themselves in over their head. Pets are a long term commitment, but most of the time they’re worth it!

  9. I love the advice you give to pet lovers. Ive notice lots of people do not know what its like. When I picked my dog five years ago i was shocked the hard work one has to put in. From potty training to obedience training but its all worth it in the end. My doggie is part of my family and love him so much.

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