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I have always been around dogs my entire life and I even worked with animals as I got older. I was a pet groomer, a vet tech, and an animal rescue coordinator. I have always loved animals and especially dogs which I have had as pets since I was a little kid.

The only downside to being a pet owner is the short life span, knowing you will outlive your pets. As a vet tech I have seen many families go through this heartbreak. As a pet owner I have seen two of my dogs grow from a tiny puppy and age over the years only to eventually watch them pass away and break my heart.

Pamper Your Pets

That adorable dog pictured above is Mugsy, my shepherd mix who is just about to turn 9 in a couple of weeks. After losing my other dogs and realising all that was left of them was a few pictures, I decided to do something more to let me carry Mugsy with me everywhere I go, forever.


I received a kit from Precious Metal Prints that came with a putty type substance which allowed me to make a mold of Mugsy’s nose print.


I just rolled it into a ball, pressed it against his nose to make the print, and then mailed it off to have my keepsake made.

Here is a little more information about Precious Metal Prints that I received from their site:

While a photograph might bend or lose clarity as time takes its toll, a Precious Metal Print can maintain its unique impression for centuries. Crafted individually in Knoxville Tennessee and hand-finished in silver or gold, a Precious Metal Print requires only a single impression to immortalize a friend, pet or loved one. These heirloom quality treasures make great gifts that can be worn in many forms.


We had the choice of making either a paw print keepsake or a nose print keepsake, I thought the nose print was really original and such a cute idea, so that is what I chose.

I also was able to add up to 3 letters to the back of the nose print keepsake, I put the Mugsys initials MBD. Am I the only one who has given their dog a middle name?


My daughter has grown up with Mugsy and I know it will be hard for her to lose him when the day comes but I am happy that she will be able to have this keepsake so she can carry him with her everywhere she goes.

Would you choose the nose print or paw print keepsake from Precious Metal Prints? Be sure to check out their site and order your own precious metal prints by clicking here. 


  1. I’m a cat mama to a 14 year old ginger cat who I’ve had since he was 5 weeks old. I dread the day he crosses the rainbow bridge. I love this idea and I need to see if there is something similar available in Denmark. I know that some of the vets will make a paw print after your furbaby passes, but I like this idea a whole lot better.

  2. Oh my goodness that is so cute! I have a friend with three dogs who are really just three hairy children. She treats them like family, and I know she would love that. She has keepsakes for all of her kids and for all three of her dogs, so I’ll have to let her know about this.

  3. Cindy Gordon says:

    This is so neat! You are not the only one who gives their dogs middle names! We gave our dog a middle name. Her middle name is Gia! I love this idea, the nose is cute! That is what I’d pick!

  4. What a great idea, and so unique too. You would never guess what it was by looking at it. I like this better than a paw print.

  5. That is the sweetest keepsake ever! I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re dog people and love fun stuff like this. These would be great for gifts.

  6. How cool is that?! Your necklace is such a unique piece. At first glance I would have never guessed that it was a nose print of your beloved dog. That is so special! I bet it is also a great conversation piece.

  7. Can Mugsy be any cuter?!?! I love how he is just posing in that first pic! I’ve never heard of anyone giving their pet a middle name, but I do think that is just adorable!!

  8. Aw…. being a pet owner, I totally get this gift and think perhaps I should have one! Our precious King Charles Cavalier is the best dog we have ever owned and my family of 4 treats her like a queen. She is the rock of our family and I hate the thoughts of her leaving us some day. This would be a great permanent reminder. 😉

  9. That is such a great and sweet gift. I’m a pet lover either dog or cat. They are the best companion and loyal friend you could possibly have. They make you smile and feel love all the time. No dull moment,

  10. I absolutely love this!! We are brand new pet parents and I think this is an awesome way to have a keepsake of our newest family member….

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