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Unfortunately I have memorized my plumbers number and it’s not because I think he is a good friend. It’s because I am plagued with plumbing problems and my bathtub keeps getting clogged. My daughter and myself both have long hair that seems to be a magnet to my drain. I have tried all of the little cups and stoppers to keep the hair from going down into my pipes and clogging but nothing has worked until now.

I was thrilled when I heard about a great new product called DrainWig. This product is not only cute but it catches the hair that goes down the drain and prevents clogs. I don’t have to see dollar bills go down the drain when my hair does, no more racing to the drain to try and prevent my hair from sliding down. Now I can let it go down with confidence and no more worries of having to fix a problem because I know that DrainWig has got me covered.

Save Money with the DrainWig

Here is a little more information about this great product that I got from the DrainWig site.

Features & Benefits

Universal design fits most shower and tub drains, 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Hygienic: completely disposable design allows you to remove hair & debris without ever touching it!

Low maintenance: replace just every 2-5 months

Saves you money and hassle
– no more expensive plumbing calls!

Save Money with the DrainWig

It basically works by catching the hair that is going to fall down the drain. It lasts a couple of months then you just pull it back out of the drain and replace it. You will be amazed how much hair has been trapped with the DrainWig and saved you from calling a plumber.

Order your DrainWig and start saving money today!

Enter the promo code “FIZZ5” and you will save $5.00 on your order.

One lucky winner is going to win one DrainWig set – value $19.95 by entering below:



  1. Aimee Trader says:

    I could absolutely use this!! We are a family of 3 girls and one daddy!! A lot of hair everywhere!!

  2. Aimee+Trader says:

    subscribed to your youtube under aim tray. The link above doesn’t have an option to take you to your youtube page so I just searched for it.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I am new to Youtube and trying to figure out exactly what I am doing. Apparently it is obvious! lol Thank you for searching and adding me!

  3. breanna pollard says:

    thanks for the chance!

  4. Aimee+Trader says:

    girl I’ve been on youtube for a while now and still don’t understand it lol

  5. Sarah Hall says:

    This is an amazing product. Wish I had thought of it.

  6. Marilyn+Nawara says:

    I could use this — I have lots of hair and it’s always clogging the drain in the shower.

  7. This would be amazing! I have a mesh drain cover to catch hair and I still have to pulls bunches of hair out constantly. Yuck!

  8. Heather in VA says:

    I need one of these big time. I have hypothyroidism and lose a lot of my hair which end up clogging the drains.

  9. Aimee+Trader says:

    I always wound up just using a hanger. I love how this catches it before it even has the chance to go down the drain.

  10. breanna+pollard says:

    this would be a huge blessing!

  11. Aimee+Trader says:

    does this also work for sinks?

    • I’m not sure if it is marketed that way but I don’t see why not. If you have a sink that lines up with the shower or bath drainwig I think it would work great!

  12. terese dudek says:

    thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Jennifer+Nielsen says:

    This is the great thing I have seen! I also have long hair, and have two young children, both girls, whose hair is also getting long. I can’t imagine what 3 girl’s hair loss will do to my drains! I need this.

  14. I, too, have similar issues with our drain. My husband recently started using Drano Max Gel and so far that seems to do the best to unclog our drain but it’s getting expensive. This device would be a great money saver. Thanks for this giveaway!

  15. Fonda Wade says:

    My hubby would be thrilled!

  16. Aimee+Trader says:

    who ever made this is super clever!

  17. My long hair is everywhere.

  18. Aimee+Trader says:

    I love the decorative flower on it!

  19. Aimee+Trader says:

    all the 3 girls of mine have long hair

  20. Aimee+Trader says:

    im running out of things to talk about but im sure going to keep commenting on this post once a day lol

  21. Drains and girls—always a dilemma! Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. Aimee+Trader says:

    2 bathrooms plus 4 girls in one house equals a lot of hair lol

  23. Aimee+Trader says:

    We all have super long hair!

  24. Aimee+Trader says:

    <3 cant wait to try this product

  25. Aimee+Trader says:

    a few more days!!

  26. Aimee+Trader says:

    great money saver!

  27. Aimee+Trader says:

    Hope you had an awesome super bowl sunday!

  28. Jennifer Barr says:

    This sounds like a great idea!

  29. Love this Product! Hope i win!!

  30. What a smart idea! My tub and showers get clogged easily so this would be a big help for us.

  31. This would be great to have! I have long hair and this would make it so much easier to get out of the drain!

  32. I NEED this so bad! I am always having to unclog my bathtub!

  33. Annmarie W. says:

    My teen daughter has long hair…and this would be perfect in her shower! Probably mine, too!

  34. Amanda+Baker says:

    As a woman with long thick hair that hangs way down my back you can not imagine how excited I was to see the drain wig! I didn’t even know that these existed. Hair in my drains has been a huge problem and I’ve even had to call a plumber in before! I’m so tired of frantically grabbing at my hair in the shower to keep it from going down. I have to get one of these!! Thank you so much for the post and for doing this amazing giveaway!!

  35. Crystal Rose says:

    This would be so useful for us.

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