Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating can be fun. There aren’t a whole lot of rules about what should be where and what is off limits. So I like to go crazy around my home with fun creatures and colorful decorations. Here are some of my favorites that I hope will inspire you in your decorating!DSC01070Gel clings and window stickers aren’t just for the doors and windows of your house. Use them to decorate a mirror or appliance that needs a little help being festive.


Adding a wreath to the  front door is a great way to have your guests greeted with style from the moment they walk in. I bought mine at a craft store and it even has a nice Fall scent added.


Halloween is mostly about trick or treating so why not get a big candy bowl and display your goodies as a decoration. I have a bowl full of yogurt pouches that are black and orange which makes it fit in well with my decor.

A nice Halloween lamp surrounded by leaves is always a great way to brighten up the place. I love the way the stars come through the top and reflect on the walls.

Adding pumpkins, leaves, a string of lights, or any halloween themed items to your home will help bring your family into the holiday spirit. The Dollar store is a great place to get inexpensive decorations and inspiration for your whole house.

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