Simple Lunch Ideas for School

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It feels like the Summer went by faster this year and I can’t believe it’s time to get back to school! Since the time has past so quickly I don’t feel like we are going to get back into the routine as smoothly as we would like.

To make sure we get back to our schedule I have created some Simple Lunch Ideas for School that are sure to save time and give my daughter the energy she needs to get through the school day.

Simple Lunch Ideas for School


It makes me anxious to think about the busy mornings before school. I worry about getting up at 6 am again, making breakfast, getting dressed, and most of all, sending my daughter to school with everything she needs for the day.

This year I decided to simplify things and get organized, well as much as a house with kids living in it allows. So we headed to Walmart to pick up what we need to create Simple Lunch Ideas for School.

Simple Lunch Ideas for School

We grabbed the essentials that are sure to save me time in the morning. The best time savers that my daughter loves to eat for lunch are:

  • pre-cut fruits that are washed and ready to eat are always great to keep in the fridge.
  • pre-cute veggies that are washed and ready to eat are a tasty snack paired with ranch dressing.
  • Individual packs of raisins or purchase a large container and package them at home to save a little extra money.
  • Nuts like cashews and almonds are a great snack that offer nutritional benefits and convenient packaging.
  • Cheese sticks or a block of cheese to cut slices and chunks for a quick snack.
  •  Dannon® Danimals®. I try to keep all of the items on one shelf of my refrigerator for easy access in the mornings. Organization is key to saving time during the busy school mornings.
  • Graham Crackers are not only easy to keep in the cabinet but they go great with Dannon® Danimals®

My favorite lunch box item that saves me time and my daughter loves is the Dannon® Danimals®. She loves the taste and I love that they are made without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors, as well as providing a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Simple Lunch Ideas for School

They have a variety of flavors and her new favorite, Cotton Candy/Strawberry flavor is not available at all stores and since it is only available in August, we have decided to stock up and enjoy it while we can.

Plus the more we buy, the better chance we have of finding the “Golden Bongo” bottle (located in specially marked packages) and increase our chances to win a Play60 Field Day for our school with NFL pros! Click here for all of the details about this great contest.

Simple Lunch Ideas for School

We also picked up some of my daughters original favorite flavors, the Strawberry Explosion & Banana Split combo pack. Last year, these were her favorite after school snack paired with graham crackers.

This was a huge time saver for me because I was able to focus on making sure all of the homework got done and everything that needed to be taken out of her backpack was taken out instead of spending my time preparing a different snack. I love being able to grab a Dannon® Danimals® Smoothie and a couple graham crackers, put them on the table and snack time is taken care of, it’s that simple!

Simple Lunch Ideas for School


I hope these Simple Lunch Ideas for School will help save you some time, what are some of your best tips for those busy school mornings?


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I buy Dannimals for my kids all the time. My little man is super picky and he loves taking these in his lunches to school. And I know he;s getting something nutritious.

  2. I keep Dannimals around for my grandkids. I don’t have to make school lunches since the kids are grown, but if I did, I would certainly use your ideas. They are simple, yet beautifully presented.

  3. Those are great ideas. My kids are Danimals fiends, so I’m already including those in their lunches. If they could live off of them, they would!

  4. Kids do love sweet notes like that from their Mom. My kids shows this kind of notes to their classmates.

  5. These are beautiful lunches!! I truly hate making school lunches but products like Danimals make it a heck of lot easier! I need to get a lunch box like yours!!

  6. My daughter is almost 17, so sometimes she likes it when I leave a note and sometimes she doesn’t. She always has a yogurt, Gogurt or Danimal in her lunch.

  7. Nice. These lunch ideas look amazing. Thanks for helping me get a head start for school.

  8. My kids love yogurt in their lunch. They love Dannimals. I love simple and easy lunches.

  9. Danimals are so perfect for lunch boxes. I think I included them in my son’s lunch almost every day!

  10. The girls’ lunches always have Dannimals in them. They like it so much. I love your lunch ideas.

  11. We just started buying Danimals for our toddler and she absolutely loves them. It’s such a fun way to sneak some healthy into a kids lunch.

  12. Dannon® Danimals® are great!! I love that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup or artifical flavors or colors. They are a lunchbox staple in our world 🙂

  13. we’ve tried Danimal Smoothie before.. my kids seemed to like it. I always pack some healthy lunches

  14. Those Danimal Smoothies are perfect for school lunch boxes. They are healthy and provide the necessary nutrients our kids need to excel in school! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I always make sure the kids lunch is healthy. It does get tiresome eating the same thing over and over. So I’m working on finding new ideas.

  16. The easier to prepare, the better. And the healthier the lunch, the better too. My son haven’t tried those drinks yet. We’ll check it out. I think he will like it.

  17. I love easy, healthy meals! Especially since our mornings are such a gray hassle during the school year!

  18. I love those danimals! So easy to break out with lunch and having something tasty.

  19. Such beautiful lunches! I never made such pretty lunches for my tween 🙁 and now she makes her own!! YAY! I’ll have to ask her if she’d like to have Danimals to put in her lunch.

  20. Our kids love this yogurt! No matter what age, they are hooked. Great lunch idea!

  21. I like the little note. I often put one in the lunch box too.

  22. CourtneyLynne says:

    These are some great lunch ideas! My daughter starts real school in sept and I need all the lunch ideas I can get!

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