Spring Fashions from Biscotti & Kate Mack


The weather is warming up and it’s time to put away the all of the bulky clothing our kids have been hiding behind for what seems like forever. It’s time to start looking for Spring Fashions and there is no better place to look than the Biscotti & Kate Mack.

You are sure to find the cutest styles and high quality, well made clothing. My daughter was so excited to start looking at the Spring Fashions that Biscotti & Kate Mack have to offer. She picked out Kate Mack Girl’s Opposites Attract Dress, and I think she made a great choice.

Spring Fashions from Kate Mack  Biscotti


This is the perfect sun dress complete with a flurry of cascading ruffles and the eye catching polka dots, this is her new favorite dress. I’m sure other moms of girls can relate, when I say her new favorite dress, I mean she will wear it as often as possible and I will be washing it almost daily.

Spring Fashions from Kate Mack  Biscotti


That is my favorite thing about Kate Mack & Biscotti clothing. The high quality materials their clothing is made from allows for kids to be kids and because this dress is machine washable, I don’t have to run to the dry cleaner every other day.

Spring Fashions from Kate Mack  Biscotti


I love how the contrast of black and white make this dress really pop. The polka dots add a playful touch and my daughter says it reminds her of the kind of dresses Lucille Ball wore in our favorite show, I Love Lucy.


This dress is perfect for a day of shopping with mom, playing in the park or a more formal occasion like accepting her certificate for winning the school district’s invention convention. She is not only beautiful, she is brilliant, too!

Spring Fashions from Kate Mack  Biscotti



Check out all of the beautiful spring fashions Kate Mack & Biscotti have to offer and you are sure to receive the highest quality and most beautiful styles available.

What is your favorite dress that Kate Mack & Biscotti have to offer?

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  1. I saw your post on a FB and had to come over and get more views of this dress! It’s so beautiful! My daughter would love this! She is such a girly girl! I am going to check out this site now! Thanks so much for sharing! Your daughter is beautiful also!

    • Thanks Jenn! We love all of the clothing options Biscotti & Kate Mack have to offer, I’m sure your daughter would look adorable too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That dress is adorable. I love how many ruffles are in the skirt and how it flows out. It is always fun to find new spring dresses and outfits, make the new season so much fun.

  3. Your little girl looks gorgeous in her outfit! So I have to confess that I have never heard of Biscotti & Kate Mack before but thanks for letting me know. It’s always great to have more clothing resources out there that offers stylish attire for children! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You daughter looks so cute! I like how the dress contrasts between the polka dots and the ruffles. It gives the dress a very modern look but it’s still a great style for a young girl.

  5. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    What a beautiful dress! My youngest daughter would love a dress like that, she’s loves frilly clothing like that. I’m so glad that Spring has finally arrived here as well. I will have to check this company out since I haven’t heard of them before. Sounds like a great company.

  6. It’s my first time to hear about Kate Mack & Biscotti. I like wearing sundresses that are flowy and just comfortable. That polka-dotted dress looks too nice and feminine. It’s a great attire to wear in any casual party. Investing in high quality materials is very important.

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    It’s great that your little one loves her new dress. I’ve never heard of the Biscotti and Kate Mack brand before. You’re a brave lady buying white clothes for your child, my little guy would be destroyed in seconds! The flowy skirt looks lovely and playful on the dress 🙂

    • That is one of my favorite things about this dress. It is machine washable and makes it easy to throw in after a day of playing to get it spotless again. I love how well made Biscotti and Kate Mack’s clothing is and it really is kid friendly. Thanks for stopping by:)

  8. What a beautiful dress! That’s great that it’s machine washable, because it looks like it would be way more complicated to wash. That’s so cool that she likes I Love Lucy, and she’s right it does look like something Lucy would wear 🙂

  9. Thanks for introducing me to this brand! I haven’t heard of it, but the dress is adorable. I love the ruffles on the bottom and would buy that in any color. The light blue one with similar ruffles looks like it would also be a favorite, as would any of those with ballet-like fabric features.

  10. She looks absolutely adorable in that dress! I love that it reminds of her of Lucielle Ball, because it reminds me of her as well! The polka dots, the funky and fun hem line, it’s just so much cute-ness!

  11. What an adorable dress! I have never heard of Biscotti & Kate Mack. What a super cute and fashionable brand for kids. I am going to have to check it out. The polka dots are so cute and the hemline on this dress is really what makes it a stand out. Thanks for sharing your review of this brand.

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