6 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and I wanted to make sure this holiday didn’t pass me by like it has in the past. I want to create memories for my daughter of celebrating the holidays and baking lots of yummy treats. I have gathered some recipes that I know my family will love and I will be getting started early on celebrating with these 6 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes.

6 St. Patrick's Day Recipes

For a tasty St. Patrick’s Day Cookie, check out this versatile recipe that can be used with most cookie cutters to create any shapes you want. I chose the clovers but you can easily make top hats or whatever shape you like most.

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Recipe

Perfect for dessert these Green Velvet Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Buttercream will satisfy any sweet tooth. The kids love to eat green food and who doesn’t love a cupcake?

You are going to need something yummy to wash down that cupcake with and I have the perfect thing a lucky green mint milkshake. This milkshake is the perfect mix of bright color and cool mint.

If you have a few more mouths to feed, a large dessert like this Kit Kat Shamrock Cake will fit the bill. The step by step instructions make it an easy recipe to make with the kids. Just don’t let them eat all of the Kit Kats before they are served on this festive cake.


Who would have thought that Irish Potatoes would be a delicious dessert?  I sure didn’t but am so happy I found this unique recipe that your whole family will enjoy.

Not only do these St. Patty’s Day Minty Pudding Parfaits look amazing, they taste amazing too!  So yummy and plenty to go around!


Did you try out some of these recipes? Which ones were your favorites? These recipes are so good be sure to share them on Pinterest & Facebook by clicking the buttons below.


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  2. Looks yummy! thanks for sharing

  3. Okay this post made me hungry! I must admit I don’t usually do too much for St. Patricks day but my kids would be elated if I made any of these. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with the #bestoftheblogosphere

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