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Easy Recipes

Easy Delicious Recipes

All of my recipes are Easy to do with minimal ingredients. Real Recipes for Real Moms! You don’t have to be super mom to make your family think you are!

Healthy Recipes

scd recipes


Is Year Round Heartworm Prevention A Scam?

Click on the Pet’s tab to find tips for caring for your pet,  as well as great product giveaway’s for your pet & training tips.

Crafts & DIY

Get Your Craft On

I love to craft with my daughter and share some of the projects we work on. You can find everything related to the crafts we make here as well as DIY inspiration and how to’s. Homemade cleaning products as well as other projects that you can use in your home for cleaning, decorating, and saving time.



Under “Lifestyle” you will find fashion for both kids and adults, health & wellness tips including exercise tips & weight loss. You can find inspirational quotes as well as Everything home related.


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In the “Family” tab, you will find parenting tips, family activities, products for kids, and anything related to family fun.

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