How to Have Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

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There is no need to head out this Summer and deal with the crowds, bring the Summer Fun to your own backyard! These fun backyard toys will have your whole family enjoying the beautiful weather while having fun together!

These Summer fun ideas are perfect for any backyard.


These kids garden tools are perfectly-sized to match their little hands, which lets them plant flowers and learn botany like a real botanist!


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Water balloons are a lot of fun for the whole family but nobody wants to fill them all up. That was until the Zuru bunch o balloons came around filling in under 60 seconds for instant fun!

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Drawing with sidewalk chalk on a nice day is something everyone can enjoy together. I love the creativity it brings out and how easy clean up is, just wait for it to rain and start over. This can keep the kids busy for hours and now with glitter chalk, the excitement has been cranked up a notch!

For those who need a little help being creative with sidewalk chalk, this stencil kit will help crank out the outdoor fun!

Another classic outdoor activity that the kids will enjoy is bubbles! Especially when they are coming out in large amounts quickly thanks to this Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine. 


For more active fun that will help the kids burn off some energy, this Banzai Aqua Blast Obstacle Course is the perfect backyard fun this Summer.


To get the little ones in on the water fun this Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center will provide hours of fun!

To include the whole family in the water fun without spending a fortune pick up this 4 pack of  foam blaster water guns! 


There is no need to get overheated while playing tetherball this Summer. This H20Go! Tether Ball Sprinkler System cools you off while burning off energy and having lots of fun! This is looks like a fun Summer toy that will keep the kids outside and out of your hair, all day long!

Skip the trips to the local splash pad and pick up your own Water Spray Mat to enjoy in the comfort of your backyard this Summer.

Outdoor Summer Fun

If you are looking to earn some cool points than you have to pick up this Galaxy Tree Swing for your backyard. Everyone will love it and I bet you will have all of the neighborhood kids hanging out at your house by the end of the day. Even if you don’t purchase it, you have to check this one out by clicking here. 

What are some of your families favorite activities to enjoy during the Summer? Which one of these products will you be picking up to add to the Summer fun?



  1. That Aqua blast looks like so much fun I wouldn’t mind something like that in my backyard. Since my son has allergies I have to get him on his regimen before he goes outside! This is a great way to save money during the summer!

  2. Summer staycations in our back yard are one of my favorite things to do. It’s so much fun without the stress of spending money on travel. And the kids really enjoy it.

  3. My kids go crazy over the sidewalk chalk..I have to buy a new pack every couple of weeks! My kids are still too young for it but that obstacle course looks like so much fun!!

  4. We spend so much money going to places that we think our kids will have fun at but they end up not having a lot of fun and it’s always such a bore for them. I really love these ideas that you’ve put together! We got a bubble maker and a water slide going in our backyard for fraction of the price it’d cost at the parks and the kids had SO much fun with it all day long. I’ll incorporate more of these too!

  5. Summer is surely a season that must be spent outdoors! The tips you mentioned are really great ideas for outside activities — and as a way to entice kids to get out of their gadgets and face the nature 😛 Thanks for sharing!

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