Summer Skin Care Tips

Did you know that Daily moisturizing is vital for healthy skin? How about that moisturizing regularly can prevent acne and other skin blemishes?

This is all news to me, I just thought the smell of lotion was nice and would apply it when I had a few minutes but never did it regularly. I wish I had applied lotion daily while I was pregnant to help prevent scarring and stretch marks and I wish I have always used sunscreen as well.

I know I am paying for these mistakes now but luckily I received a few great products to help prevent further damage and help correct the mistakes I had made in the past. All opinions are my own.

Summer Skin Care Tips Scar Away

I notice even the smallest scars on my body and I never knew there was an effective non-prescription way to treat and prevent the formation of scars. I would have bought this product years ago if I had known how easy they were to use and how effective they are.

I have been applying these discs daily and have already seen a huge improvement. Some of my scars have already vanished. Now I will always keep this in my medicine cabinet!

1. ScarAway Daily Discs ( Featuring advanced patented silicone technology, the Daily Discs come in a petite, round format that is perfect for small scars (both old and new) that may result from biopsies, mole removal, styling iron burns and acne blemishes.  They measure 1.375” in diameter and are ideal for scars one inch or less in diameter.  (Note:  Daily Discs are safe for any family member, as they are drug-free)
Summer Skin Care Tips CapriClear
My daughter and I both suffer from Eczema and finding a product that doesn’t irritate our skin has been a challenge.
CapriClear is great for anyone who is sensitive to ingredients commonly found in many skin care products. It’s a spray on, all natural moisturizer that soothes and hydrates even the direst skin.
It smells great and locks in moisture.
2. CapriClear ( Comprised of 100% fractionated coconut oil, this all-natural, paraben-free treatment combats dry, flaky, irritated skin, making it soft and silky.  Conceived by a dermatologist, fragrance-free CapriClear is an exceptionally pure, gentle and effective single-ingredient solution for even the most sensitive skin.  It also has the eczema seal of approval and is safe for the entire family.  Plus, it results in soft, silky skin.
Summer Skin Care Tips Belli
Everyone seems to understand the importance of sunscreen these days but some sunscreen lacks the essential protection our skin needs. A broad-spectrum facial sunblock that guards against both UVA and UVB rays is essential. Using a sunblock that hydrates while protecting the skin from sun exposure is a great way to moisturize your face daily.
3. Belli Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen ( Uses physical (vs. chemical) sunblockers – the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and contains no phthalates or parabens.   It’s also as soothing and hydrating as it is protective.   Each individual ingredient has been safety screened to be sure it is safe for everyone – even pregnant or nursing women.
 Summer Skin Care Prize Pack
One lucky winner is going to receive all 3 of these products by entering the giveaway below.


  1. I would conceal a scar on my forehead with Worryless by Dermaflage.

  2. I would like to get rid of my wrinkles

  3. James+Robert says:

    My twin girls are having a lot of acne issues and many times do not want to go out if they are having a bad breakout from it. Having this would be great

  4. I would conceal some redness in my cheeks.

  5. I have a scar on my forehead I’d like to conceal.

  6. I have a large scar above my eye brow that I would like to conceal.

  7. I would use it to conceal a scar on the side of my face.

  8. I would cover an old scar and some stretch marks

  9. Steph D. says:

    I have some scars on my legs and back I would like to conceal 🙂 Great giveaway!

  10. Marissa says:

    I would use it to conceal a tiny scar that I’ve had on my forehead since birth!

  11. Annamarie V says:

    I have one wrinkle between my eyebrows that bothers me that I would use Worryless by Dermaflage to conceal.

  12. a large mole on my face

  13. I’m going to cover a few blemishes.

  14. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I am going to conceal a dog bite scar on my face with Worryless by Dermaflage.

  15. Julie+Waldron says:

    I would like to conceal the age spots that I’m starting to get.

  16. Liz Blake says:

    Would like to conceal an old scar. Thank you

  17. Marnie+G+(Derrick+Todd) says:

    I have several pronounced dark scars on my forehead that I would love to conceal.

  18. christine+byrd says:

    My skin is so dry from this sun.

  19. Samantha Mills says:

    Hey there. I think the question you have under the giveaway tool here is for your other giveaway (for Worryless by Dermaflage) because that’s the question I got when I clicked on the leave a comment option and seems to be what everyone else here is answering too.
    I know I could really use the three products in this giveaway because I just had a little guy a few months ago and use coconut oil on him ALL the time! It was a miracle with cradle cap, seriously. I could use the facial sunscreen because my skin is dry and it’s supposed to hydrate as well, and because it protects by physical instead of chemical blockers I could use it on my little one in a pinch. And, I know I could use the scar discs on myself and – though I hate to imagine it – maybe my little man somday. What a great prize pack!!!

  20. I have scars on my stomach that I would like to conceal.

  21. Denise Welch says:

    Have a scar on my cheek like to counsel.

  22. Annamarie+V says:

    I have a scar that I would love to try the Scar away discs on, I have tried a roll on treatment that didn’t work.

  23. laurie murley says:

    I love trying new products is why I want to win

  24. I would love to win because all these products are excellent.

  25. Lesley F says:

    This would be great for blemishes and redness

  26. Mary Songer says:

    I’d like to win because I need to improve my skin’s condition and I have some scars that I would love to see reduced.

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