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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IHG Rewards Club for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone needs to take a break from the stresses of their day to day life occasionally. I have tried to just stay home and relax without working and try to enjoy my time off but it never works for me.

When I stay home I still have to take care of the dogs, find an activity to keep everyone occupied,  as well as all of the other chores that come with being a mom.

If someone spills something I have to clean it up, if a dog needs to go outside for the fifth time this hour, I have to get up and take care of business. Even if I did finally just get a few minutes of peace to catch up on a good book or watch my favorite television show, I still have to run the house despite my “taking a break”.

I have decided the only true way to relax and take a break from stress and my daily chores is to actually get away and stay in my favorite hotel. Someone else will be doing all of the cleaning and my family can enjoy the local sights and tourist attractions.

I was lucky enough to stay in the Candlewood Suites in Indiana for Thanksgiving last year and we can’t wait to go back and enjoy all of the amenities it offers.


We had a full kitchen and it was fully stocked with everything we could ever need to make a delicious meal without having to order out.


The rooms are huge and we were able to fit everything in the walk in closet and still have room leftover. We all got a great nights sleep with comfy pillows and blankets as well as a luxurious bed that gave me the rest I needed.   Now that I know the only way to truly relax is to actually get away, even if it is only a couple hours away from home, I am so excited about the IHG Forever Rewards Program. With these kinds of savings, we can get away more often and with the IHG Share Forever Rewards program we can:

  • Earn 500 Points for your next IHG hotel stay from May 1, 2015 – September 2, 2015
  • Earn another 500 points for that same hotel stay to share with another member! (Or keep the points for yourself!)
  • Earn from 68,500 to 115,500 “Share Forever” bonus points plus a maximum 58,500 bonus points to share, or keep.

I signed up to receive rewards and I can’t wait to rack up my points to enjoy more time with my family away from all of our daily routines and chores. You can sign up at shareforever.ihg.com and enjoy a get away full of rewards,too!  

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  1. Yeah us women definitely need to step away from the household (or…outside of it!) if we truly want to relax. There is always something to do here at home, and I’m glad you realized that and decided to take a break from it all and hang out at the hotel for a night or two. It must’ve been such a great feeling for you, right?! Have everyone else clean up after you (no towels to wash, etc lol). I think I could get used to that preeeetty easily hey?! 😀

  2. I totally agree. I need time out often, especially lately as my kids have gotten older. The fighting, and complaining has gotten to an all time high. I wish I could get away to a hotel for even a few hours. I would NAP. I am in need of a nap haha, but in all seriousness — its very important to have breaks! I think if we don’t we will reach a breaking point and our sanity depends on it. This would be a perfect little break away!

  3. What a nice getaway. I love staying at places that have kitchens–it makes life so much easier while traveling with kids. We also like to rent out homes and cabins during the summer so we can cook and clean up after the boys without stressing about bothering others…not really a break for Mom but still a great experience.

  4. My wife and I have done this several times before. There have been days that we have just had to get away from it all, and go stay out of town. It didn’t matter where as long as we were together. However, I don’t think we ever stayed somewhere quite as nice as the Candlewood Suites seems to be.

  5. Thank you for sharing your post! I do not recall if I have ever stayed in a IHG hotel, but now I am curious! It is nice you took some time out and de-stressed during your stay. I need to do that too…but in my case I just ask my family members to go out for a while day and let me be with the cats at home! Love my alone time! 🙂

  6. I agree with you 100%. It should be a mandatory thing for us moms to do at least once a year. Being at home and taking a break means going to the bathroom with nobody outside the door asking you questions. That’s really not a break. We deserve more and this is a wonderful way to get it.

  7. I’ve crammed into some tiny hotels before, so space would be so refreshing, especially with three little kids. When we travel our kids get so excited to run around in a hotel room, and the bigger the better! It looks like a very cozy hotel, too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I LOVE this idea! What better way to relieve stress than to get away from it completely and pamper yourself. We all need to create the space and personal permission to do so.

    And IHG is a collection of some of the best, most easily-accessible hotels in my area! I was actually looking for a place for a spur-of-the-moment getaway with my husband… to celebrate his birthday.. thanks for the inspiration! 😀

    lauriel of EyeForElegance.com

  9. Bravo to you for getting away. Mamas need a break ever so often so that we can be the best we can be for our kids. Looks like IHG has a great rewards program to encourage you to do so, hopefully more often.

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