The Adventures of Petey Pots and Pans

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The Adventure of Petey Pots and Pans is fun story for kids that is not only a lovely story but the story behind the book is lovely as well.


Dr. Bashir, the author of Petey Pots and Pans is a pediatrician who understands the nervousness that comes with children visiting the doctor. After getting vaccines and check-ups kids would receive a free book courtesy of Dr. Bashir. This became so popular with the patients that they eventually ran out of books to give out. So Dr. Bashir decided to write Petey Pots and Pans (My Name is Not a Game) and give it out to his patients.

Reading with kids

My daughter and I spend a lot of time reading together. We started a tradition when I first taught her how to read and we would read every night before bed. Now as she gets older we read at different times throughout the day but as long as we get some reading time together I am happy.

The Adventures of Petey

Petey Pots and Pans is an adorable book full of fun to read rhymes, cute animals, and a great message. My daughter and I both love dogs and being able to see their adorable photos throughout the book was so much fun.

The rhymes throughout the book are fun and they would make for great practice for the little ones that are just learning to read.

Petey Pots & Pans

I enjoy reading books with a good message especially when I feel it is relate-able and I think everyone will see a bit of themselves in Petey Pots and Pans as he comes to terms with his name being different and ridiculed.

Follow the journey of Petey Pots and Pans and how he turns feeling different into feeling special. You and your little one can enjoy some reading time together by entering the giveaway to win your very own copy of Petey Pots and Pans ( My Name Is Not a Game).

Could you use a little extra reading time with your kids? Tell me about it below in the comments section.



  1. My grandson can use this

  2. Jessica Baasch says:

    I have enjoyed the transition reading with my oldest and youngest. My oldest is 11 and is reading books that I read on a daily basis and we have a little book club meeting when it’s over to discuss and my youngest is starting the transition of preferring to read to me instead of me to him, so I get to listen to him read me some of my most favorite children’s books.

  3. always

  4. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I LOVE books and have started a reading time tradition with my son since he was a baby. He’s 6 now and we read everyday and every night, it’s our special time together. We can read up to 7 books at bedtime, and he’ll still beg for more lol!

  5. My daughter and I actually read every single day. I’m addicted to books and luckily I think it’s rubbing off on her. :o) we are, however, always in need of new reading material.

  6. Julie Waldron says:

    I’ve read to my girls since they were babies. Now they love to read! One can never have too much reading time. 🙂

  7. Julie+Waldron says:

    Reading together is one of our favorite things.

  8. debra daigle says:

    All my kids could use more book time!

  9. Vikki Billings says:

    My grandchildren and myself can always use more reading time!

  10. My child could use more sleeping time. Both of them come home from school exhausted and I read 2 books to each before they fall asleep and then they wake up just to go to school the next morning. No time to play with their toys or anything. Other parents tell me that this is normal for Kindergarten because they no longer get a nap at school.

  11. My 7 yr old niece would love this book. She does really good reading and anything to do with dogs is her fave to read. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  12. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I think you can never get enough extra reading time with your children.

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