Tips to Overcome Insomnia Naturally


Getting a good night’s rest is a very important part of our overall health and well being. After a busy day sometimes all we can think about it getting our recommended 8-9 hours of sleep but no matter how tired we may be, insomnia can strike and prevent us from getting the rest we need to recharge.

These tips to overcome insomnia naturally will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

It seems that doctors know very little about what causes insomnia and what’s worse is that they know even less about how to cure it but their patients are suffering at an overwhelming rate. Millions of people each year are reporting that they are suffering from insomnia and they are desperately seeking out treatment options to help get a full night of rest.

Insomnia Tips and Tricks

As with most ailments that scientists as well as doctors know little about, the treatment options are riddled with side effects and this leaves many patients suffering while seeking out a more natural approach to help them overcome the condition.

Tips to Overcome Insomnia Naturally 

Although technology is making our lives easier in many ways it is over stimulating our minds while keeping many people from being able to turn off their devices and completely shut down for the night. Experts suggest shutting down all electronics including cell phones at least a half hour before heading to bed. It seems the bright lights and constant information overload keeps our minds active even after we shut them off so to help fight off insomnia it’s best to turn off our devices earlier in the evening.

Insomnia Book

Instead of keeping busy before bed with a tablet or television try reading a book or writing down your thoughts from the day in a journal. This can help relieve stress and prepare your mind as well as your body for rest.

The temperature of your bedroom is a very important factor when suffering from insomnia and trying to get comfortable for a good night’s sleep. If it’s possible to set a temperature control in your bedroom to drop a few degrees in the middle of the night this may help prevent you from waking up and tossing and turning. As you reach a deeper sleep your body temperature rises and sometimes this could cause you to wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep.


Heading to bed a little early may be the key to warding off insomnia for some although others may need to wait until the last possible minute to head to bed. If you suffer from other ailments like restless leg syndrome you may need to stay active until the end of the day but if not maybe try heading to bed right after the sun goes down for a few nights to see if this is the key to you getting a good night’s sleep.

Adding a fan may be a good idea even in the Winter but be sure to have comfortable blankets available to ensure you can grab them when the temperature drops.

The most important factor when trying to overcome insomnia naturally is comfort. Picking up a new comforter set can add a whole new feel to your room and make you feel like you are visiting a resort. Adding a few throw pillows is a great way to add a little more comfort to your bed and it certainly makes it look more inviting.

Tips for Naturally Curing InsomniaDon’t be afraid to select a bright and colorful set that has everything all in one like this Maldives 8-Piece Comforter Set featuring exquisite oriental design in blue and beige, it is complete with 2 pillow shams, 2 Euro shams, 1 bedskirt and 2 decorative pillows. You can pick this set up by clicking here. 

Tips to Naturally Cure Insomnia

When updating your bedding set don’t forget the sheets, this may be the most important element in my opinion. I have found myself tossing and turning in the past and usually I am making a mental note to buy new sheets in the morning because my current ones are itchy, hard, or just not good enough for one reason or another.

Cure Insomnia Naturally Tips

Pick up this Dark Roast 6-Piece Embroidered Sheet Set and you will be snuggled in your bed wrapped in these microfiber sheets on your way to a good night’s sleep in no time. This set includes 1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted sheet, and 4 Pillowcases in a beautiful chocolate and white. You can pick up this set by clicking here.

Cure Insomnia Naturally

Another great tips for naturally fighting insomnia that helps many is aromatherapy. Luckily, you don’t have to head to a specialist to start trying this treatment in your home. Grab a couple of scented candles or essential oils like lavender or chamomile and if the season allows have fresh flowers by your bed as this will help fill the room with a relaxing scent.

To find more comforter and sheet sets as well as other home products to improve your quality of life, click here to visit Maple Harbour.ca Have you ever suffered from insomnia? What are some tips or tricks that have helped you get a good night’s sleep?






  1. I have insomnia and I hate it! I have tried reading but that makes the eyes tired but not the body LOL! I need to try something else.

  2. Robin+Rue+(@massholemommy) says:

    These are great tips. When I feel like i am going to have trouble sleeping, I take a melatonin and I am out quick.

  3. Well I have not had this issue yet. I think b/c my kids are still young and running me ragged? But I know a lot of people that suffer from this. Great advice. Thank you

  4. Insomnia can just be cripping. This are great tips. I hate the idea of any kind of sleeping aid so I think all natural is the best way.

  5. I was dealing with insomnia when my oldest was living at home only because I was up half the night worrying about her! Now that she has moved out I sleep like a baby 🙂 LOL!!

  6. I don’t have any problem falling asleep. But I have friends with insomnia and I know how awful it is for them.

  7. I suffer from insomnia and it is absolutely horrible. I’ve tried so many things, unfortunately including medication, and nothing has resolved the issue. Not to mention, medicine often leaves me feeling hungover when I wake up. I just made note of your tips. I think I need to go shopping for some new bedding.

  8. I believe it is best to deal with insomnia in a natural way. I think aromatherapy works best for me.

  9. These are great tips. I had to stop watching TV at night when i would go to bed. Now i turn off all devices and sleep in a cool dark room.

  10. Great tips.. I had insomnia for years, finally “cured” it in a natural way too.

  11. This are a great tips. I have Insomnia i always try to read novel at wattpad hopefully to be sleepy. and it ended with i almost done the whole page

  12. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are indeed great tips to overcome insomnia. Comfort is a big deal and the Maldives 8-Piece Comforter Set would be an awesome set to have for comfort and looks. Thanks for sharing the tips. I will have to check this set out for sure.

  13. Great tips! I have a hard time sleeping and struggle with insomnia at times so this is really helpful

  14. Thanks a lot for these tips. I do have insomnia and it’s frustrating when I can’t sleep. Reading a book really works for me.

  15. Thanks for the great tips. I have gone through stages of insomnia on and off in my life and it is horrible. I really agree with reading a book. It helps me so much more than having the TV on.

  16. These are great tips. When I can’t sleep, I read a book. It always works for me.

  17. Stress seems to always play a part in insomnia in this house. My husband & I usually will find ourselves awake at the same time if we are struggling with an issue going on in our lives. And the temperature settings helps us out too! Thank you for sharing! ~MS for KM

  18. I have insomnia so often that I have to rotate problem-solving skills. Some nights I read, sometimes I medicate naturally, and sometimes I just get up. Thank you for the information.

  19. I struggle with insomnia and have for a good many years. I have tried everything. OTC drugs, prescriptions, dream machines, no food, no water after certain times, meditation and others. It is part of my PTSD so I dont have a lot of home.

  20. I will have to try that for my hubby. I hate seeing him popping pills in his mouth every time. We’ve tried essential oils but it still did not make him fall asleep.

  21. I have a few friends who suffer from insomnia and I will definitely be sharing this post with them. Great tips!

  22. Ron+Leyba says:

    Great tips. Will share this so the people I know. Thanks!

  23. Whenever I business travel overseeas I always experience insomnia! Thanks for the tips in your post! Lately I have been trying melatonin and chamomile tea.

  24. Using my computer or phone before bed keeps me awake longer. I can definitely go to sleep sooner if I read instead.

  25. Thanks for the info I would also like to add that a nice herbal tea like Chamomile before bed can be a help…

  26. CourtneyLynne says:

    These are some fabulous tips!!!! Whenever I can’t sleep I surround myself with lavender everything. Very relaxing.

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