You’re Invited: Best Buy Unlocked Smart Phone Savings Event

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As you may know by now, I love to save money any way that I can and that includes on future purchases that are inevitable. Planning is key and one of the most important parts of purchasing a smart phone for me is that it is able to be used with different carriers.

I can’t even count the amount of times I have switched companies for television or internet service due to the extra charges I am receiving while another company is offering a better deal. If my equipment only works with certain companies than I know that they have the upper hand and unfortunately they can offer me terrible service but I feel obligated to stay with them due to not wanting to buy all new equipment.

When int comes to smart phones, which are no small purchase, I love the idea of picking up an unlocked phone so if my service is terrible I can just switch to another company without any worries of extra costs to buy new equipment.

Unlocked phones are becoming a popular choice here in the U.S. Why? Because nothing beats the freedom of an unlocked phone when it comes to choice of models, carriers or plans.

What is an unlocked smartphone? An unlocked smartphone is a phone that isn’t tied to a specific carrier or contract. Therefore, you have the freedom to shop for the latest phones and plans as often — or as infrequently — as you like.

And when it comes to international travel, unlocked phones can’t be beat.

You are Invited to Savings at Best Buy

Interested? Best Buy has an Unlocked Smartphone savings event going on right now with sales on Samsung, Huawei, Moto, Sony, BLU, Alcatel and ZTE smartphones!


They offer freedom and flexibility from carriers and contracts.

·         Save money

·         Great for International Travel


Shop your favorite brand during the Unlocked Smartphone Savings Event.



·         Offer: Save $50 on Select Moto Mods with purchase of Moto Z Play

·         Valid Dates: 10/30/16-11/5/16


·         Offer: Save $50 on the Honor 8 by Huawei plus get a free case

·         Valid Dates: 10/30/16-11/12/16


·         Offer: Save $100 on the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

·         Valid Dates: 10/30/16-11/12/16


·         Offer: Save $40 on the BLU Life XL

·         Valid Dates: 11/6/16-11/12/16


·         Offer: Save $100 on the Sony XPERIA X Compact

·         Valid Dates: 10/30/16-11/12/16

Disclaimer for all offers listed: Offer valid 10/30/16-11/12/16. Phones, service and coverage not available in all markets. Available in New Jersey. No dealers. See a Blue Shirt for details. 4G/4G LTE not available in all markets. Products must be purchased on same receipt to receive bundle/package savings. 

You are Invited to Savings at Best Buy

This event is going to change the way cell phone carriers treat their customers! It’s quite the freeing experience when you have the upper hand!

Find out more about these special offers by clicking here and get educated about unlocked by clicking here. Do you currently use an unlocked smartphone?


  1. This event sounds awesome! I love smartphones, but I REALLY hate being chained to one carrier just to get a phone.

  2. This sounds like such a fun event!! I love shopping at Best Buy, I love that they have unlocked phones to buy!!

  3. I did not know Best Buy offered unlocked phones. This is great to know! What an awesome event!

  4. I like the idea of having an unlocked phone. When my phone was having issues, I tried unlocking a phone that I received for review. Needless to say, I ended up with a new phone because they wouldn’t unlock the phone and the other phone that I had for our network wouldn’t accept a new SIM card. Gotta love phone issues. I just like the idea of not being tied to a contract.

  5. This seems like a great deal!I have never owned an unlocked phone before and I’m not sure I would even know what I would do with it! HA!!

  6. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Best Buy is the place we go for all our electronic needs because of the savings and the service. I am looking for a new phone and the unlocked ones are the right fit for me. Thanks for sharing the deals.

  7. We are in the market for a new cellphone so I will have to head to Best Buy and check these out. There are so many options and it is a bit overwhelming.

  8. Angela Harris says:

    This is a fantastic deal, and my family has always preferred unlocked phones over plan phones. Much better deal, and the bill is lower every month,

  9. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I will have to check this event out. I need a new cell phone and want to get one that is unlocked.

  10. What a fun event! I’m glad that you enjoyed it, this is such an awesome deal.

  11. Emma Spellman says:

    I need a new phone bad. Last time I got a new phone was about 3 years ago and it is starting to act goofy. I’ll have to stop by Best Buy.

  12. I love shopping at Best Buy! There are always so many fun electronics to buy from there! It’s a great place to purchase phones and accessories.

  13. Best Buy is awesome! They always have such wonderful deals and sales – just like this one! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest sales!

  14. very nice event! I’d love to attend and save : ) who wouldn’t right?!

  15. I am not using an unlocked phone, but after reading this, I may look into it since we are going to get our son a phone. Thanks for this!

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