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9 Cold Weather Family Activities

During the Winter months it is a little harder to find things to do when it seems that there is nothing to do. My family spends a lot of time outside during the Summer so we don’t have to plan our activities when it is warm outside but we are normally at a loss for fun things to do during the Winter. That’s why I created this inspirational list of 9 Cold Weather Family Activities. 

9 Cold Weather Family Activities



9 Cold Weather Family Activities

If you can’t change the weather and create your own tropical temperatures you may as well take advantage of the snow and go sledding! After all this is the only time of year you can enjoy this activity, but be sure to bundle up!


9 Cold Weather Family Activities


An inexpensive way to be entertained and not worry about messing up your own house is to head the local bowling alley.  Everyone can enjoy a fun game of bowling and it depending on how many kids you have, just one game can kill an entire hour!

Video Game

Playing a video game as a family is a great way to see exactly what it is that keeps your kids faces glued to the screen in their spare time. Maybe you will develop a common interest and decide the games they play aren’t so bad after all.

Board Game

Not so technologically inclined? That’s alright, bust out a classic board game like Monopoly and everyone is sure to be glued to their seat for a few hours while enjoying this activity as a family.


Watch How To Video & Learn a new Hobby

9 Cold Weather Family Activities

With Youtube and other services on the internet, there are tons of tutorials that are great for learning a new hobby. View a video together and learn how to crochet as a family or play an instrument. This works great if you have multiple instruments in the house and each person participates in the new family band. Maybe you can practice until a special occasion and then play your song for the grandparents during the holiday’s.



9 Cold Weather Family Activities

Going to the library can be a fun experience for those who love to read and a great way to encourage those that aren’t in love with this activity. Looking through the shelves of books and the database to find different interests is a great way to find a book that anyone can enjoy. After your family has picked out the books they want to read you can find a cozy spot in the library to get started on your literary adventures for a nice change of scenery.

Playland at Fast Food Restaurants

You have to eat lunch anyway and why not take advantage of the playlands at your local fast food restaurants? This is a great way to help get some of that crazy energy out of the kids that have been stuck in the house all season long. Parents can bring a book along or enjoy a quiet lunch while the kids play.

Puppet Show

Splitting the family up into teams and putting on a puppet show for each other is a fun way to get creative. IF you don’t have puppets, dolls or puppets made form socks would work just as good. Give each team a time limit and alternate judges to keep it fair.


9 Cold Weather Family Activities

Staying active this time of year is hard but there are ways to get a little exercise indoors that even the kids will love. Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, and dancing is a great way to stay in shape and have fun as a family at the same time.