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Are Annoying People Everywhere?

Every time I leave my house and enter into social settings that I am forced to be a part of, the grocery store, the library, my daughter’s school, etc. I become more aware of the lack of respect the general public has for each other and how annoying people have become.

Even the way people drive serves as proof that they feel like they are the most important person on the road.

As I write this I am sitting 5 feet from a woman who is running her mouth on her phone. I am at an aquatic center waiting for my daughter to get finished with her swim lessons and in the area we are allowed to wait, there are about 40 other parents and children sharing the space.

Annoying People

The woman  5 feet from me is talking as loud as she can about complete nonsense, cursing, being completely disrespectful to everyone around her, including all of the kids in the room. She is a prime example of the typical person I see lately and I am unsure if the entire world is effected or if it is just Iowa.

For the last two years since I have lived here, I have become more and more anti-social. It seems there are annoying people surrounding me everywhere I go. It’s hard sometimes to start fresh and not hold what others have done against everyone else.

On the other side of the room is a lady with a toddler in a stroller that is yelling at the top of it’s lungs, not in a temper tantrum kind of way, just an annoying constant yell that makes me want to scream too! Nobody else seems to care, they must be used to this kind of public display of narcissism. All I can think about is how that toddler will be the girl on the phone in about 20 years talking so loudly because her entire life she was allowed to be the center of attention in every situation even when it was negatively effected others around her.

annoying people

I get a feeling inside of the anger just rising until it feels like it is going to literally boil over and pour out of me. I want to scream at these people.. I just can’t take annoying people anymore!

In most of the places I have lived the newspaper was full of stories that led me to believe this type of behavior was not tolerated anywhere else.

I know that there is no way that these people would survive one day in the ghetto, they would be taken out in minutes. I have decided that is the root of the problem, there has not been any consequences for their actions this far in their lives because they live in Iowa where people rarely break the law.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on the subject of annoying people. How do you deal with annoying people? Is this the typical scene all around this country these days or am I just paying the price for moving to an area with low crime?


Thursday 14th of April 2016

What did you expect from a generation of kids that were allowed to do whatever they want, parents more worried about their self esteem than discipline. It's going to get much worse, you can count on it.


Tuesday 19th of April 2016

I guess I hold out some hope that I will wake up someday in a better world. No matter how unlikely that may be.


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Yes, they are annoying everywhere. I think people have trouble being alone with themselves these days. They always have to be on their cell phone.

Joanne T Ferguson

Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Thank you for your blog post today as I was starting to think it was just me noticing annoying people all around! I think some people thrive on negativity and always have to be the center of attention...which annoys me! lol

Letty C.

Monday 22nd of June 2015

Yes! and now they have cell phone. I don't understand why do I need to be part of their conversation.


Saturday 20th of June 2015

I agree with you. We were at Sea World and there were so many people complaining, ect. Our family was laid back and went with the flow. Even my four year old did great.

It's up to parents to teach the kids.