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Quick At Home Spa Treatments for Moms

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As a mom who works from home I understand as well as anyone that moms have so much to do and very little time to do it in. The thing about moms is most of us are selfless which means we put everyone’s needs before our own and the last thing we would ever do is take time to ourselves so selfishly by heading to a spa!
Luckily I have found some ways over the year to sneak in some me time to regain my sanity like giving myself the spa treatment at home with AVEENO®.


I know it still may sound impossible to some moms who have little ones that require all of their attention. They are probably climbing up their legs while they try to get across the room to put dinner on the table while reading this blog post on their phones, rolling your eyes at the thought of finding time to do spa treatments at home.


It is possible! I am going to show you how even for a few minutes you can feel refreshed and ready to take on anything. Now grab a friend, grandparent, husband, or the nearest babysitter and lock yourself in the bathroom with the following things…


A Lemon

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to decompress and enjoy some relaxing time. Slice up a couple of lemons and place them at the bottom of a hot shower. As you bathe the fresh lemon scent will fill the shower and create a very relaxing atmosphere.


At this point in life I am not sure if I will ever shower again without a slice of something in there, seriously it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds and the benefits of breathing that in every time I shower outweigh the 33 cents a week I spend on lemons.


Nail Polish


Something as simple as giving yourself a manicure can make you feel energized and beautiful. If you can get a couple extra minutes, slap some of that polish on your toes so they can get a little spa treatment, too.


Warm Towels


One thing that never gets old is the feeling of a warm towel on your face. I am not sure what it is about that sensation but it is really relaxing and it opens your pores,too.


A Razor


I must admit, one of the things that gets pushed so far down the list that it has very little chance of getting done is shaving my legs!


Seriously, most of the time I am lucky to get through a shower without hearing my name called at least once so taking the extra couple of minutes to shave would probably lead to my house being burnt down. I’m just happy they can hold it down long enough for me to feel the water on my face for a few seconds.


Obviously that is an exaggeration although it is rooted in truth. I know other moms can relate to the constant pulling in every direction and if you can, than you have to take the time to do these spa treatments at home!
AVEENO® Skin Relief Body Wash


There is nothing like that clean and refreshed feeling that a good shower can give you. Using the right body wash is the best way to guarantee that feeling each and every time you get into the shower.


This creamy  and hypoallergenic body wash gently but effectively cleanses while leaving itchy, dry skin feeling soothed and moisturized.


The unique  formula has a new look and even gentler formula, designed to work with your skin to remove dirt and impurities without disrupting skin’s natural moisture barrier for skin that is soft, smooth and healthy-looking. Since it is Dye-Free as well as Soap-Free, it is the perfect thing for sensitive skin!


Follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly when using AVEENO® Skin Relief Body Wash.


Moms need to Indulge from time to time and you can have a positively terrific experience with the new AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL. Transform dull, tired-looking skin to brighter, more naturally radiant and velvety soft skin in just 1 minute so there is no need for a full spa day!


After your at home spa treatment you will Reveal healthy-looking, glowing skin 4x faster than at-home masks and peels. This is yet another shower enhancer because it works with the steam of your shower to deeply but gently exfoliate dirt, oil and dead skin. Since it reveals radiant, healthy-looking, glowing skin just 1 minute, even the busiest moms can benefit.


This product Contains soy and lemon peel extracts, it is Oil-free and a Non-comedogenic formula.
Follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly when using the AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL.

Head to Walmart to pick up these two products. You will find the AVEENO® Skin Relief Body Wash by the bath soaps and loofahs.

You will find the AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL in the face care section.

Give yourself a break or give the gift of a break to a busy mom by taking care of the kids while she enjoys a spa treatment at home. Keep the kids busy and give her some AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL & AVEENO® and Skin Relief Body Wash for the spa treatment she deserves!

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Cami Valenzuela

Wednesday 4th of October 2017

I love Aveeno. I usually do spa days at home since I have 2 boys. Thanks for more tips.

Aduke Schulist

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

I have a shower head that has aroma therapy beads in it. It is glorious! I try to paint my nails once a week, but that tends to get pushed back for me. I just don't have the time to let them dry!


Wednesday 27th of September 2017

This is what I need today - a spa treatment in the comfort of our own home. I definitely need rest and relaxation after walking miles and miles at the golf course yesterday.

David Elliott

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Aveeno is such a great product. Looks like this was such a great way to de-stress. Definitely great way to do this spa treatment at home.

Jasmine Eclipse

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

These are all great easy things to do at home to de-stress. I'll share these with my mom, I know she could use some relaxation!