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Back to School Tips for Saving Time

Can you believe the Summer is almost over and a lot of kids are already heading Back to School? I feel like the time flew right by and I am not really prepared for the schedule that heading back to school requires.

One of the biggest struggles we have during the Back to School season is time management. We always seem to get to school at the last possible second. While I am glad we are not the family that is always late, I would like to avoid cutting it so close this year and implement some of these Back to School Tips for Saving Time.

Usually there is some kind of struggle to pick out clothes and no matter how early we wake up there is always a wardrobe issue! Sometimes I feel like I am working on the set of a movie with a really high maintenance actress only to be paid in hugs and kisses when she isn’t frantically searching for her favorite dress.

I am not naturally a morning person so trying to get everything done early in the day doesn’t work for us. One of my favorite Back to School Tips for Saving Time requires a little planning ahead and a fun craft.

Back to School Tips for Saving Time

This is an easy and fun craft that the kids will love to help make. You probably have everything you will need to make this and it’s super easy.

Back to School Time Saver

I used card stock, a pair of scissors and colorful markers for decorating. My daughter enjoyed helping make this craft and I love doodling so it allowed us to spend some quality time while being creative.

We cut rectangles out of the card stock, any size will do, it all depends on how you want it to look. We then cut out a circle for the hanger to go through and began decorating! I told you it was easy!

Morning Time Savers

We decorated each one and labeled them with the days of the week. We then headed to the closet and picked out a weeks worth of outfits, then we popped the labels on the hangers.

Time Savers

When putting the laundry away on the weekend we label all of the clothes for the week. It makes things go so much smoother in the mornings and it brings an extra splash of color and creativity to the closets.

Another one of my favorite Back to School Tips for Saving Time is making extra breakfast on the weekend and freezing it so we can just pop it into the microwave in the morning.

Now that you have extra time in the morning, why not make dinner time run smoothly? Check out these Crock Pot Recipes that will save you time in the evening and once you run out you can make some of these Crock Pot recipes, too!

What are your favorite Back to School Tips for Saving Time? Share with us by leaving a comment and if you liked this idea why not share with your friends on social media?