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Bad Neighbors Coming to a Street Near You

I have moved a lot throughout my life, to different towns and states throughout the East Coast. Along the way we have had a mix of both good and bad neighbors.

When we moved to our house in Iowa 2 years ago, we were blessed with a group of excellent neighbors.



Our neighbor directly across the street from us actually brought over an entire meal the day we moved in, knowing we had nothing unpacked and were new to the area.

She prepared sloppy joe’s and delivered them with a bottle of ketchup, mustard, silverware, plates, napkins, and chips. She had thought of everything and spared no expense trying to provide my families first meal in our new home.

We knew we had hit the neighbor jackpot with this wonderful couple across the street and over time we realized we had moved to the perfect place and didn’t have to worry about bad neighbors.

Right next door to us is a family that brought over the most delicious chocolate chip cookies we had ever tasted and for the last 2 years we have affectionately referred to her as Cookie Lady. She is the closest neighbor to us because we share the property line without a fence to divide our yards.

Thankfully she has been a great neighbor and we have enjoyed living next to her for the past 2 years. Unfortunately she has put her house up for sale due to her two children being grown and going to college, she has decided to downsize.

bad neighbors

Once that For Sale Sign was erected in her front yard, I was nervous that we may have bad neighbors moving in and I couldn’t wait to find out who they were.

She came by yesterday and let us know that the family she has sold her home to is from Kansas and has 3-4 kids with a pastor for the father. She isn’t sure exactly because she has received this information through the realtor and has not met the family herself.

This information both excited and alarmed me. A pastor for a father, this could go two ways, one being that the family is spiritual and respectful of others. The other way it could go is the horror stories you hear about pastor’s children rebelling and constantly getting in to trouble.

With 3-4 kids, if they are up to no good, this could mean the end to my peaceful neighborhood!

I immediately imagine a herd of kids running through my yard, scratching my car with their bike handles as they turn around in my driveway, breaking my windows while playing ball in the yard, and torturing my dog from the other side of the fence.

bad neighbors

I am really nervous but also excited at the possibility that my neighbors would have a daughter the same age as my daughter that goes to the same school as her and is a good kid. Unfortunately this is a lot to ask, finding families that share the same values and morals as mine is almost impossible.

Even if my new neighbor isn’t my dream neighbor I think I will be happy as long as they are not Bad Neighbors!

Have you been blessed with good neighbors or are your counting the days until your Bad Neighbors move out?



Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

Thursday 18th of June 2015

I currently live in an apartment building, so it's a little different for me since I've mostly been in apartments since I moved out for college. I've only ever had one "bad neighbor" and they partied literally all week, every day, until about 4am. Thankfully, their lease was up and they weren't allowed to renew.

I hope for your sake, your neighbors are good neighbors!


Thursday 18th of June 2015

Your current neighbors sound so awesome! I wish mine were that cool too! Sloppy joes sound perfect for the first day in a new home...

Yona Williams

Thursday 18th of June 2015

Very funny that you mention neighbors because we just got some new ones. They are so quiet and don't come out much, I do not know what they look like at all. We just saw hoards of people helping them move in, and have no clue who actually lives across from us.


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

Hopefully your new neighbors are great people...maybe you should extend the olive branch to them as it was extended to you ...even a delivered pizza on their first day may break the ice.


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

That seems like a good idea but if I end up hating them, I will be so mad that I spent the money on the pizza.... I'm really cheap!


Wednesday 17th of June 2015

I agree, good neightbors are really imporant. We had a nightmare of a neighbor in our condo and am so glad we have moved away from that tension.