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Batteroo Extends Battery Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Batteroo. All opinions are my own.

I am all about getting the most for my money and that means stretching everything as far as I can including the life of my batteries.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

In a house with multiple televisions, lots of flashlights and countless electronics I seem to be purchasing batteries every time I go to the store. I have always tried to stock up on batteries when they are on sale but the thing with batteries is that when you need them, you need them now!

It’s always a good idea to keep a healthy stock of batteries for those times you are in then middle of a movie and the remote stops working or your child’s toy decides to drain the last bit of juice mid playtime.

It’s a brilliant idea to extend the life of your batteries to save a few trips to the store and to keep the AA & AAA batteries in your home lasting as long as possible.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

Batteroo is a battery life extender, a thin, simple ‘sleeve’ that slips over a battery and draws out its usable power to prolong its life.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

It can even bring “Zombie” batteries back to life, a zombie battery is a battery that is “perceived dead” although it actually has unused energy left. They usually get tossed into the garbage when your device starts operating poorly or stops working altogether.

I like to refer to these batteries as haunted depending on the device they are in when they stop working properly because they seem to give the device a mind of it’s own. When these batteries are in a television remote the delay in action when hitting the buttons makes the buttons do crazy things. The volume is either too high, too low, or constantly changing as if a ghost has taken over the remote control.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

I always wonder why some buttons respond to pressing and others don’t during this time. The simple fact that the batteries are making things happen means that there is some life left which makes me despise throwing them away. Now I know how to extend the life of my battery so I don’t have to toss them because I can slip on a Batteroo Boost and bring my batteries back to life.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

I was so excited about receiving Batteroo that I had to put it to the test and see exactly how much life I can get out of a battery boosted with Batteroo and a regular battery.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

I set up two identical flashlights facing a white wall, I turned them on at the same time and they both had the same brand of batteries.

Batteroo Extends life of Battery

I took note when the battery without Batteroo began to blink and eventually powered off. I decided to inspect it at this point and after a little messing around with the battery compartment I was able to get the battery back on for a few more minutes before it ultimately died.

The battery that was boosted with Batteroo lasted 3 hours longer than the battery not in the sleeve. That is almost double the time and the light looked slightly brighter throughout most of the test most likely due to the extra boost from Batteroo.

Start extending the life of your batteries by getting Batteroo  and stop throwing away your money!

Kimberly Matlack

Friday 24th of March 2017

With 2 grandsons that live with me and 3 others that visit at least once or twice a week this is awesome. Every toy needs batteries that they play with. Every remote, the mouse on the computers, flashlights, etc. use batteries. Honestly I buy batteries almost every month. What a savings this would be.

Margot C

Friday 17th of March 2017

I have never even heard of this. I am terrible with batteries. I can't bear to part with them, convinced that there is more life in them, and so there is it seems!

Rae Mun Lai

Wednesday 15th of March 2017


Heather Pfingsten

Thursday 9th of March 2017

LOL batteries drive me in sane, we roll them around shake them and do everything we can to drag a little extra life out of them. This is a great tool, can't wait to check it out!

Chubskulit Rose

Thursday 9th of March 2017

Wow, this is my first time seeing this. I would love to get this for my remote and other stuff that uses battery.