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5 Everyday Budget Tips to Carry Through Life

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t have enough control over their finances is that they don’t know how to budget. When you’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck for most of your life, the thought of sitting down with your incoming and ongoing expenses and coming up with a plan can be somewhat overwhelming.

However, budgeting doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. While you do need to make changes to your habits and lifestyle if you want to budget effectively, you can do this by making small changes one step at a time. Here are some everyday budgeting tips you can carry with you to make life a little easier.

Know What You’re Paying For

The first step in getting the most out of your budget is knowing exactly what you’re paying for and making sure that you’re not spending more than you need to be. A lot of people assume that they’re paying the absolute minimum for things like gas and electricity until they hop onto a comparison website and see that they could be saving hundreds of dollars every year.

Rather than “passively” spending, commit to finding the best deals for everything you buy. This also means comparing your options before you take out a loan. Finding the loan with the lowest APR will help to save you a lot on interest in the long-term.

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Understand that Every Month is Different

When you start budgeting for the first time, you’ll notice that you end up with two separate budgets, the one that you start off with, and the one that you end up using each month. Your basic budget will contain all the information you need to know about your incoming and outgoing expenses on a standard month. However, once you’ve got that information, you’ll need to supplement it with details about the month and your spending habits.

For instance, there may be times during the year when you have more birthday presents to pay for than usual. If you pay for things like car insurance on a yearly basis, you’ll need to set money aside for that once a year too. Additionally, there’s always the holiday season to think about.

Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

If you want to create a budget that you can genuinely stick to month after month, then the last thing you should do is cut everything you enjoy out of your weekly spend. A lot of people get carried away with budgeting, assuming that they have to give things up like trips to the movies or takeaways. However, the truth is that you just have to learn how to live in moderation.

Don’t give up everything you enjoy, just figure out how you can cut back to better serve your financial needs. For instance, if you currently order in from a takeaway once a week, consider cutting down to once every two weeks instead. That way, you’re less likely to fall off the wagon.

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Make It a Team Effort

Unless you’re living alone, budgeting shouldn’t be something that you manage by yourself. There are likely to be other people in your household that contribute to your incoming and outgoing expenses, so make sure that they get involved too.

Ask your partner to sit down with you at the end of every month and look at your spending from the thirty days that have just passed. After you’ve examined the way you’ve been using your cash up to now, you can start planning for the next month, taking into account any additional expenses that you might not have considered the month before.

Make it Easy for Yourself

Finally, remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for budgeting. Some people find it’s easier to manage their spending when they only use cash to pay for all of their expenses. Other people decide to download a budgeting app that will track their expenses for them and let them know when they’re getting too close to their limits. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is find the option that works for you.

If you start budgeting one way and you have trouble, give yourself a break. Don’t just decide that you can’t budget and give up completely – try something new. There are plenty of ways that you can organize and improve your spending habits. The more you forgive yourself for your indiscretions and allow yourself to start again, the better off you’ll be.

Tamra Phelps

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

I definitely know about living on a budget. I do it out of necessity, lol. These are really good ideas.