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Celebrate What Makes You Unique

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WiIvv, all opinions are my own. 

Everyone struggles with their own self-worth from time to time. We all get down on ourselves over the most absurd things and sometimes we will not even allow ourselves the same courtesy that we give to others when it comes to being different.

As I get older and watch my daughter go through a lot of the same issues I did as a kid, I realize how easy it is to be hard on yourself for no good reason.

When she draws an amazing picture that could be on the cover of the next Anime movie and immediately points out the parts she things she could have done better, I recognize myself doing the same in the past.

I am guilty of being overly critical and very often unfair when reflecting on myself and my work. I have made an effort to not complain in front of my daughter about myself in order to set a good example rather than a bad one that sets her up for her own life of poor self-image.

Although this has been difficult at times, it has allowed me to see things for what they are and realize that instead of picking apart all of the ways that we are different from what is celebrated traditionally, we need to celebrate our uniqueness.

That’s why I am happy to partner with Wiivv, a company that makes a footwear as unique as you are, custom fit insoles and sandals, just for you.

I have always been aware that I walk differently, my mother and sister used to point out that I walked like a duck due to my toes pointing outward with each step. I never really thought much about it and just assumed that they were telling me this because they thought it was funny.

Many years later, I had a surgery that required me to get physical therapy at home doing basic things like walking and climbing stairs. The therapist pointed out that I placed my weight unevenly on my feet and encouraged me to point my toes forward when taking steps to keep my balance better. When I explained to her that this was just how I have always walked she eased up and encouraged me to walk with my normal stride, which felt more comfortable to me, allowing me to walk for longer distances each time, eventually getting back to walking miles on my treadmill each day.

I was so happy to find out about Wiivv and it was really interesting to me to see what my custom shoes and insoles looked like.

Since I have a unique stride I was expecting something weirdly shaped to show up and when my sandals and insoles arrived, I was not disappointed.

I knew when taking the photos of my feet to have my insoles and sandals created that I had a high arch. It was really obvious that I was lacking arch support with my other shoes and insoles. I was super excited to try them out when they arrived since they were created for me, the insoles and sandals are as unique as I am. Not only were they created based off of the photos I sent in through my smartphone, they are custom designed by me, I got to pick the colors and patterns as well.

They even have my name on them, move over Yeezy, the Melissa Dixon’s are what’s up.

My husband and I have both been trying out our insoles during work, play, and everything in between, in order to put them to the ultimate test.

We both agree that these are the most comfortable insoles we have ever tried and it makes perfect sense when you think about it. We are all unique, so are our feet, and in some cases the way we walk, so of course custom fit footwear is your next step in celebrating your uniqueness.

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